What we're about

This group was created to allow community members to investigate the paranormal, gather evidence and learn to analyze and debunk information.

Some investigations will require long hours of work and travel to different locations.

Collectively, we have taken part in many investigations – with our core team and with other paranormal groups. Continuing to branch out and join other teams is encouraged.

Requirements to join this Meetup:

* You are of sound mind. (Well, almost… ;oD )
* You must have your own transportation.
* Expect to pay a fee to get access to certain investigation sites, i.e. Preston Castle.
* You are able to follow directions and accept positive criticism.
* Keep an open mind that not everything odd will be paranormal.
* Have fun while in the group. If you are not having fun, you should not be here.
* No alcohol prior to or during an investigation. Drug use will not be tolerated.
* There will be a monthly fee of $5 to assist with the costs associated with this group – collected during the Meetup meeting/investigation.

(Subscription to https://www.meetup.com is not free. I must pay a monthly fee to maintain this site for you to enjoy.)

I try to encourage all members to take a part in leadership and feel comfortable heading an investigation (with training, assistance, guidance etc.) I delegate as much as I can, because, its our group, our efforts, and our team.

One thing which I will NOT tolerate, deal with or put up with is drama. Nope, not happening. This is a good team, great people and it feels much like family (a functional one, not one of those on Jerry Springer)

I appreciate your interest in this group and look forward to providing awesome leadership from me and each team member.

I want everyone to have fun while helping others and to assist in finding evidence to help P.R.O.V.E. what many believe is life after death.

Thank you for your patience, membership, and professionalism.

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planning a bbq in August with a couple other groups and hopefully a priest who works with groups such as ours. waiting for date that works out best with all groups

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