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Welcome to the San Francisco Psychedelic Society!

Our group is devoted to the exploration of the expansion of consciousness – and we’re fascinated and thrilled as we learn about the profound role psychedelics have played in the evolution of human consciousness over the past tens of thousands of years.

Our group doesn't engage in or promote illegal activities during our Meetups. Don't join this group to procure, or otherwise attempt to procure illegal substances or you will be removed. We are a mature, safe group.

We host guest speakers and movie screenings, social gatherings, and small group discussions.


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Upcoming events (5+)

Decriminalize Nature Oakland Educational Launch Rally

There are some exciting actions happening in Oakland that we would love to share with you. A group has gathered in Oakland to put together a resolution to Decriminalize Nature*, inspired by the Denver and Oregon ballot initiatives. Join the Decriminalize Nature movement at Omni Commons in Oakland for a rally to educate, advocate, and connect with community. The evening will begin with brief talks and testimonials from residents, thought leaders, researchers, and organizers of our beloved entheogenic community here in Oakland. Following the talks we will break out into tables to participate in hands-on activism, hosted by San Francisco Psychedelic Society, ERIE, Sacred Garden Community, Twisted Thistle Apothecary, Bloom Network, Decriminalize Nature California, Shinan Visionary Arts, & others. The actions will include letter writing, fundraising, and community building, as well as button making, flyer constructing, and silk screening with our epic new logo to wear proudly and loudly! Bring a blank t-shirt, sweatshirt or patch to print the new design on. Come hungry, as Conscious Kitchen will be offering delicious plant-based magic meals and curated alcohol-free drinks. *Decriminalize Nature refers to entheogenic plants, fungi, and natural sources (as defined herein), such as mushrooms, cacti, iboga containing plants and /or extracted combinations of plants similar to Ayahuasca; & limited to those containing the following types of compounds: indole amines, tryptamines, phenethylamines Evening Schedule: 5 - 6pm Doors open 6 - 7:00pm Speakers (including Elizabeth Bast, Chor Boogie, Ryan Miller, and more!) 7 - 7:30pm Community testimonials 7:30 - 7:45pm break 7:45 - 9pm Break out tables, letter writing, t-shirt printing, button making 9:00 - 10pm Music Ticket prices: Super early bird: $5.10* (ends 3/10/19 *cost of the Oakland area code :) Early bird: $15 (3/11-3/17) General Admission: $25 (3/17-3/22) $30 at the door Supporter: $125- includes preferred seating, a photo with the speakers and a Decrim Nature t-shirt To reserve your tickets today go to this link: https://erievision.org/decriminalize-nature-march-22-rally/ *A meetup rsvp does not guarantee entrance, please make sure to grab your ticket at the link to reserve your spot, please contact us directly if you have any difficulties with the link* Decriminalize Nature Oakland: Restoring our roots envisions that through the decriminalization of entheogenic plants and fungi, we can restore our root connection to nature and improve human health & well-being. This statement reflects the need for active engagement to repair this sacred relationship to natural plants and fungi. But this community has already completed the hard work of tilling the soil and planting the seeds. Now the ground is fertile for those seeds to sprout and blossom. Wouldn’t it be nice to have the freedom to work with these ancient sacred medicines that offer direct knowledge without the fear of persecution? Wouldn’t it be nice to address the set and setting elephant in the room - to reduce the immediate fear of persecution involved while engaging our right to access natural healing and insight - by decriminalizing entheogenic plants and fungi? With your help we can make this happen, but we need everybody’s support. Join the movement to restore our relationship to nature and advocate for our inalienable right to cognitive liberty and the freedom to explore our own consciousness. This is one of the first of several celebrations in Oakland weaving education, community building, and advocacy to decriminalize nature. Come bask in the beauty of community standing together in direct action for what we consider essential for the health and well-being of the planet and ourselves. We invite you to learn more about this initiative, participate in skill sharing activities, save the dates & get the word out to help support this sprouting movement! Let’s Decriminalize Nature!

Is Microdosing Placebo? The Self-Blinding Study

Omni Commons


Only a few studies have ever been conducted on psychedelics microdosing, but anecdotal evidence suggests that microdosing can improve mood, creativity and psychological well being. Such anecdotes have hypothesis generating power, but it is critical to recognize that they are not scientific proof. Most importantly, these anecdotes lack placebo control. The Imperial - Beckley self-blinding microdose study overcomes this limitation by enabling self-experimenters to add placebo controlled to their microdosing routine. By controlling for the placebo effect, this study will significantly improve our understanding what role psychological expectations play in the benefits of microdosing. During the talk, first the current scientific understanding of microdosing will be reviewed and then the self-blinding study will be discussed in depth. Speaker: Balazs Szigeti, Phd Bio Dr. Balazs Szigeti studied physics at Imperial College London as an undergraduate and then obtained a PhD in computational neuroscience from the University of Edinburgh. He is actively involved in computational biology research, he is a member of the OpenWorm open science initiative and is currently developing reproducible biomodels at the Icahn institute in New York. He is also involved in psychedelic studies, he collaborates with the Global Drug Survey to quantitatively study drug use patterns and he designed the Imperial College - Beckley Foundation self-blinding microdose study, the world’s largest placebo controlled study on psychedelics. Tickets: $10-20 sliding scale

Psychedelic Recovery


RSVP through psychedelic society website required to reserve a spot. We are excited to announce Psychedelic Recovery has expanded to Oakland. This group is for people who are using entheogens, cannabis or plant medicine to recover from addiction, alcoholism or dependency to substances. We provide support, integration and community. RSVP: http://psychedelicsocietysf.org/event/psychedelic-recovery-4/ Whether you are recovering from addiction and utilizing psychedelics as a tool to heal yourself or struggling with dependency and looking for a unique path to recovery, or know someone who is, this group is for you. Please RSVP through our website to reserve a spot. No drop-in's for this group. For questions please email: [masked] Donation: $10-20 If online donation is a hardship, let us know. This is a sober, anonymous meeting and safe space. Please do not come intentionally high. This is not a 12-step meeting. Many of us are here because traditional recovery methods have not provided adequate recovery. We will start with a sound meditation, followed by a sharing circle and conscious discussion. This group focuses on intentional use for addiction recovery. We welcome those with experience using these medicines and newcomers alike. Facilitated by Danielle Negrin and hosted by Flotatious.org We encourage people to attend regularly so we can build a strong group and recovery network. #ibogaine #ayahuasca #5meodmt #psilocybin #lsd #cannabis

Psychedelic Therapeutic Use Peer Support Group in Petaluma

RSVP by purchasing a ticket in advance required. Responding yes to this meeetup does not guarentee a spot, seating is limited. No drop in's for this group. tickets: http://psychedelicsocietysf.org/event/full-psychedelic-therapeutic-use-peer-support-group-in-petaluma/ A Peer support group for people who are benefiting from or are considering the benefit of psychedelics to treat conditions like PTSD, OCD, Addiction and Depression. For questions, please email: [masked] Donation: $15-$20 We start with a sound meditation, followed by a sharing circle and conscious discussion. This group focuses on therapeutic, intentional use for mental health, recovery, personal growth and spiritual development. We welcome those with experience using these medicines and newcomers alike. Facilitated by Danielle Negrin The intention is to cultivate a community and safe container to share and meet others who are in a similar space without judgment. 🚫**THIS IS NOT A PLACE TO OBTAIN DRUGS**🚫 This is a network of people interested in psychedelic medicine. Use this group to share your story, support one another, swap ideas, make friends and share information. This group is not to be used for the sale/acquisition of illicit substances. SF Psychedelic Society does not condone or facilitate taking illegal drugs. We exist to provide education, harm reduction, and community.

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