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PyLadies is an international mentorship group with a focus on helping more women become active participants and leaders in the Python open-source community. Our mission is to promote, educate and advance a diverse Python community through outreach, education, conferences, events and social gatherings. PyLadies also aims to provide a friendly support network for women and a bridge to the larger Python world. Anyone with an interest in Python is encouraged to participate!

Pyladies Berlin are regularly meeting once per month, every third Tuesday of the month. There is usually a talk and a hands on session over a python topic. Anyone is welcome to propose topics that wishes to learn and give a talk. For more checkout our website http://berlin.pyladies.com/

We expect all participants to our events and community to abide to this code of conduct. http://www.pyladies.com/CodeOfConduct/

Find us also in Slack https://pyladies-berlin.herokuapp.com/

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[Limited Seats] TDD (Test-Driven-Development) Workshop

• Workshop #Ana Paula Gomes - Getting started with TDD As Martin Fowler put it "Test-Driven Development (TDD) is a technique for building software that guides software development by writing tests". This technique helps you to create better software designs and also writing tests that are more meaningful. If you want to step up your game by learning how to build a good design and high quality code using a Test-Driven approach, this talk and workshop is for you. First, we will talk briefly about why TDD is a thing. What are the benefits of learning it and how to get the best out of it. Later on, we will have a small workshop where you will have a chance to practice what you just learned. Ana Paula Gomes is a software engineer at Thermondo. She holds a master in Computer Science from Federal University of Minas Gerais (UFMG). She loves traveling, good talks and beers of reddish color. Currently, Ana is a wannabe runner and crazy open source lady. • Speakers: #Anja Istenič - Demistifying Asynchronous Programming in Python You might have come across terms like ‘concurrency’ and ‘asynchronous’ in connection to different coding projects. But what do they mean? And how can asynchronous programming be implemented in Python? This talk will serve as a brief introduction to asynchronicity in programming and Python’s asyncio library. My first introduction to coding was through an online Python course. In October, I took part in Le Wagon’s coding bootcamp here in Berlin, where I learned full stack web development with Ruby and Rails. Since December I have been working at Gastrofix as a Python developer. #Jordan Gilliard - Up and Running with Pytest! In this talk, Jordan will show you how to easily implement Python’s #1 testing framework – Pytest. He will go over useful features such as parameterization and fixtures, and give a live demo showing how to implement tests to help solve a problem from Hackerrank.com. Lastly, he will cover some of the ways Gastrofix uses Pytest in their day-to-day operations. Jordan Gillard works for Gastrofix GmbH as a Python developer. He is currently completing a M.S. in data science. Before Berlin, he was living in Chicago and working as a freelancer for a mobile dating app. • Audience level: All • Host GASTROFIX • Installation requirements Python 3 PyTest • Miscellaneous Snacks and drinks will be available. • Gender policy We believe knowledge is for all and at the same time our events aim primarily to empower women tech community. We request non-female attendees to be aware of this situation and make their presence discrete. Eg. by coming with a female plus one to ensure gender balance, avoiding to be heard more than the rest of the attendees in discussions and question sections. • Photography / video consent We take photos and videos during the event to use for documentation and in social media such as here in Photo albums, Facebook, Twitter, etc. By coming to the meetup, you willingly give consent to take photos and videos of you. If you do not want to give your consent, please let us know at check-in. • Contact Interested in speaking at one of our events? Have a good idea for a Meetup? Get in touch with us at [masked] You can also find us on slack Invite: https://pyladies-berlin.herokuapp.com/ Slack: https://pyladies-berlin.slack.com

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