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What we’re about

The Python Software Community in Ghana (Python Ghana), is a registered non-profit organisation, run solely by kind-hearted individuals with the common vision of moving Africa to the forefront in the world of technology.

Burdened with limited resources, promising talents in Africa, especially in tech, are forced to upskill through non-traditional pathways which are quite challenging.
Our mission is to equip and empower society through technology, with Python and other related technologies.
We aim to promote the use of technology across industries, communities, schools, learning centers, regardless of age, ethnicity, gender, ability, recognizing the value of diversity.
With Python at the heart of most emerging technologies currently redefining traditional roles and structures in our society, it is imperative to be prudent and be active contributors to this change.
We are not just Python-centric. We aim to also positively influence the rate of technological change in our society.

The Community
The community is an open hub that embraces master programmers, intermediate, absolute beginners, and even just the curious-minded in an environment where knowledge is shared, and family is built.
We are a diverse group currently comprising six user-groups around the country, and various initiatives such as: PyLadies Ghana, a mentorship group focused on bridging the diversity gap in tech by empowering more ladies and introducing them to tech using the Python Programming language and; PyData Ghana for educating individuals in Data science and Artificial intelligence. Other pipeline initiatives/projects includes- PyScholars, for young scholars at the senior high level and; PyClubs where students meet and learn at the tertiary level.
We set out to -

  • Foster unity among community members and promote the individual development of community members.
  • Educate, encourage, support and if necessary, help facilitate projects of members of the community.

The community is open to everyone at all levels, so whether you are resident in Ghana or outside the country, an absolute beginner or a maestro programmer in Python or other languages but have some interest in Python, our community will embrace you.
Join us on our journey as we endeavour to make a difference!

Please note:
All members of our community are to adhere to our Code of conduct: COC | Python Ghana 🇬🇭