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We organize tech talks, live coding sessions, and social events about Python and its ecosystem.

We'll cover both beginner and advanced level topics, so feel free to join regardless of you seniority. Our events are not formal, and we love building a community that has fun meeting together.

Our events are free and open to all the Pythonista out there.

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CI/CD Pipelines + FastAPI and SQLAlchemy


Everything about CI/CD Pipelines

Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment (CI/CD) pipelines are essential components of modern software development. In this talk, we will cover the basics of CI/CD pipelines, including how they work and why they are important.

By Lorenzo Mele
Now in Octopus as a Senior Python Developer. I love Python and I use it for every problem since the first sight.

Async FastAPI and SQLAlchemy 2.0

Have you always been envious of the Typescript stack with its nice tRPC/GraphQL APIs, type-safe ORMs like Prisma, and the Async NodeJS runtime? In this talk, we will take a short tour of the web Pythonista options, transforming a dull Flask application into an end-to-end type-safe and async application using FastAPI and the new 2.0 release of SQLAlchemy.

By Giulio Mazzanti
Interested in the architecture of data-intensive web applications and in the design of ML-powered products.
Head of Engineering @ Quick Algorithm, a B2B SaaS startup that has developed a platform for digitalized maintenance and IoT data analysis for manufacturing companies. Holds a MSc in Computer Science from Georgia Tech with a specialization in Machine Learning and a BSc in Economics, Management & Computer Science from Bocconi University.

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A Guide to AsyncIO + Python packages with Rust

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