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What weโ€™re about

Looking to meet queer womxn in the Bay Area? Look no further! We are a group of queer womxn (trans-womxn, gender nonconforming, NB inclusive) seeking to foster connections with others in the Bay Area.** Our primary goals will be to support queer/BIPOC/womxn owned businesses and events throughout the area while fostering connections with other queer womxn leaning folx.

(**currently we are not a group focused on connecting queer folx who identify as men, there are plenty of active meet-ups who do though!)

We host a variety of events including bar socials, hiking, dancing, live music, roller skating, karaoke, picnics, potlucks, crafting parties, game nights and so much more! Please post events or businesses you would like to see us support! Hope to meet you soon!!

We also have a Facebook group here:

Follow us on Instagram: @queer.connection

*** please make sure you have a current profile photo of your own face (not your animal's) and your real name before requesting to join or you will be denied.

Behaviors that are unsafe or which make the majority of the group setting uncomfortable (excessive drinking, not following social cues, harassment, etc) will not be tolerated. You will receive one verbal warning/discussion from an organizer and if you do not follow the feedback or guidance given, you will be promptly removed from the group. While we want to be accessible and welcoming to all, this will not always be possible for the safety and comfort of the majority and we appreciate your understanding.