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What we’re about

Queer Crush Climbing is about creating safe and inclusive spaces for those who are diverse in their gender, romantic, and sexual orientations. We empower Queer, Trans, Black, Indigenous, and People of Color of all abilities to seek healing, health, community and connection with the land through the art and sport of climbing.

Building Meaningful Belaytionships
We host regular meetups serving 3,000+ members across California and Washington—with recent events nearing 100 participants, despite the pandemic.

Cultivating Safer Spaces
We partner with community spaces such as climbing gyms and nonprofits that are committed to queer allyship across intersections such as race, ethnicity, class, and immigrant status.

Upcoming events (2)

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  • Queer Crush @ The Studio in San Jose
    The Studio Climbing, San Jose, CA
    • Photo of Queer Crush Climbing
    • Photo of Jen C
    • Photo of Beliz Kaleli
    • Photo of sofos R
  • QC Outdoor Meetup @ Indian Rock
    Indian Rock Park, Berkeley, CA
    • Photo of Queer Crush Climbing
    • Photo of Bianca Alonzo
    • Photo of Eagle
    • Photo of Lauren
    • Photo of Courtney Lanza