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What we’re about

We are an LBTQIA meetup group which organizes group outings to both monthly Lesbian events (such as the HerStory@Canvas and the Peaches & Cream girls' parties) and other non-clubbing social gatherings – sometimes earlier on the same day, just a few hours prior to an outing to a girls' party!

It's usually more fun to go to a girls' party (or any other event) as a group rather than alone, and the additional benefit of going under this meetup group is that the organizer will book a table (depending on the number of girls who RSVP) at each girls' party for group members to use during the event!

We also organize, on an ad-hoc basis, non-clubbing social gatherings for deeper interactions among members, usually on weekend evenings…

You should join if you are interested in attending Singapore's monthly lesbian parties (without having to worry about securing a table or someone to mind your belongings while you dance the night away) or if you are simply seeking to meet and socialize with other like-minded women in non-clubbing venues.

Trusted gentlemen may be admitted to membership on an exceptional basis!

Note: We are inclusive toward all sexual orientations and non-binary gender identities, and thus require the avoidance of ambiguous or discriminatory language – e.g. use the term "cis-women" rather than "biological women".

The RGS Telegram channel is located at

Update 28 December 2020: As we enter Phase 3, clubbing remains prohibited, but we will be organizing non-clubbing social gatherings of up to 8 per group.

Update Monday 01 March 2021: As the CoViD-19 pandemic appears to be here to stay with us for some time yet, we are pivoting toward virtual gatherings…

We are also realigning toward more advocacy and community support rather than just clubbing, social gatherings and women's (and eNBies') networking.