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What we’re about

So are you one of those people who sometimes come off a group hike thinking, damn, did we ever leave second? Did we leave the handbrake on, the whole time? 

Then maybe Rapid Hiking is for you. 

So to flesh this out a bit.... 

1. Rapid Hiking is where you go around for the most part at a fast-ish- brisk-ish pace (so like in 3rd, with our great car metaphor) whilst throwing in jogging and running at frequent intervals, to amp things up a bit (taking it up to 4th, maybe 5th). (obviously on the helpful gradients...) 

2. Its short-ish and sharp. So designed to be done in a morning or afternoon - i.e. 3 -5 hours; get there, tear it up, then back home/the bar for tea and medals....