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What we’re about

PARC = FUN.  Exercise is just a side effect. 

Type of rides: Paved trails and mountain bike trails (no road cycling)

If your've been looking for a welcoming, inclusive group to bike with in a safe, little to no automobile traffic, short, mostly flat trails (except when mountain biking) then this may be the group for you. We consist of skill levels from beginner to expert and we're here to share our knowledge, have fun, and share some very unique experiences on the Oregon and Washington bike trails, while promoting safety, camaraderie, and stewardship.

These rides will be based in and around the wider Portland area. The primary conditions for these rides are:

• Safety
• No or Low automobile trafic 
• Mostly Paved trails and unpaved Mountain Bike trails (like Timberline to Town trail)
• Some hills but mostly flat (except when Mountain Biking)
Less than 20 Miles (Just a few rides like Banks-Vernonia full trail over 20 miles)
Event time is Wheels Roll Out Time.
• All ages
• All skill levels
• Socialize
• Have fun

The style of our group riding will be the squeezebox process.  This allows faster riders to peddle at a faster speed and the not so fast riders to go at their own pace.  The faster riders will stop a mile or two up the road and allow the group to condense.  This is repeated over the course of the ride a few times, like a squeezebox. 

Our Goal is not getting to the endpoint the fastest (unless there is beer).  Our Goal is to enjoy the outdoors, the sunshine (liquid or otherwise), the scenic views, and the company.  Stop to smell the roses.

The gear you should have:

Helmet. Let's protect that brain pan, eh?

Paved Trails — Bike in good condition.  Something with gears would be preferred but not needed.  A 10 speed, mountain bike, 3 speed, hybrid, or road bike is fine.  

Mountain Trails — A mountain bike, hard tail or a full suspension. 

Bring a spare tube for the size of your tires and some tools.  

Clothing: Spandex not required....  or even suggested. Let's wear something appropriate for the weather. Specialized Bicycle clothing can be more visible to motorists, so bright yellow or green colors will help. Padded gloves are comfortable. Light weight windbreaker/rain jacket can be carried and used when needed.   Wear layers so you can make adjustments along the way.



Participation in any PORTLAND AREA RECREATIONAL CYCLISTS  (PARC) event implies that you have read, understand, and agree with, the groups entire "About Us" page. Per the Electronic Records and Signatures in Commerce Act, Public Law 106-229, by joining this group, you agree to all the terms listed.

Our Philosophy:

PARC is a non-professional meet-up group that only provides a way for you to connect with others who enjoy bicycling and associated activities. Think of PARC as a group of new and old friends getting together for fun and mostly our brand of fun is called recreational bicycling. PARC is not a professional adventure organization or outfitter operation.

Bicycling and mountain biking is physically and mentally demanding. Bicycling involves significant risks and hazards, such as, but are not limited to, collision with automobiles, hypothermia, joint or trauma injuries.  Injury, both personal and property, may occur while traveling to or from PARC Activity.  All participants in a PARC activity - you, family members and guests - by participation in a PARC activity, acknowledge awareness of the risks, foreseen and unforeseen, which are inherent in each PARC meet-up's activities and cannot be eliminated without destroying the unique character of the activity.  These inherent risks include, but are not limited to, the dangers of serious personal injury, property damage, and death from participation in or travel to and from the activity.


This meet-up group, PORTLAND AREA RECREATIONAL CYCLISTS (PARC), and its organizers does not, in any way, claim to be professionals or otherwise licensed, certified, trained, etc. to provide any service. Any certifications or training by members, organizer, assistants-organizers, members or leaders are solely independent from the group, whether expressed or not; and cannot be held liable through posting events via Meetup. PARC activity organizers are not trained in extensive emergency medical procedures.   Since most activities occur on the trail, by participating in a PARC activity you are acknowledging that you are aware and understand that in the event of a serious medical emergency, treatment may be multiple hours, up to days, away.
Bicycling and mountain biking and other posted events on PARC are inherently dangerous and accidents may happen. By participating in any posted event, you are taking responsibility for your own safety and well-being. By RSVP'ing, signing up for an event, joining PARC as a member you are agreeing that you are waiving any and all legal or civil rights for responsibility to the Organizer and any other members within the group. PARC and it's organizers, assistant organizers, trip leaders, and other members, are not trained leaders and we do not confirm the qualifications of any of its members to lead or participate in trips. All participants take full responsibility for their own actions. If you choose to sign up for any PARC events, you are releasing PORTLAND AREA RECREATIONAL CYCLISTS (PARC), it's organizers and members from all liability in case of possible injuries. Your personal safety depends on your own judgment and experience.