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What we’re about

Are you new to town, looking to make new friends, or just expanding your existing network of friends? Then this club is for you. It is open to all adults who want to join us for fun, laughter, growth, new experiences and learning new things. 

Our activities include self empowerment and exploration through walking, hiking, biking, dining out, movies, music, theater, museums, art exhibits, poetry, writing, meditation, crafts, cooking, book club, intellectual discussions, environmental issues, bird watching, star gazing, attending local events, markets, and festivals. In other words anything and everything.

Check our calendar to see just how diverse we are. We have more events regularly posted than any other group, even though we are a relatively new group. We also have 10 clubs within our club. We have an Astronomy Group; Book Club; Film  Group; Walking Club; Cooking Group; Organic and Holistic Health Group; Discussion Group; Writers Group; Crochet, Knitting, and Needlework Club;  Dining Out Club and more to come. Our film group goes to all Reel Movie Mondays, Justice Film Festival, Documentaries. We also support the RDC film program, besides seeing many of the Oscar movie contenders. We have an annual Oscar Party as well.

There are many people who are chemical sensitive and can't be around perfumes, colognes, hand lotions, hair spray, etc. without getting sick, and we'd be really grateful if you refrained from using these products when attending our events so everyone can enjoy coming. Thanks for the consideration.

Once you join this active group,  suggest something new and exciting for us to try.  Before joining please read the important information here about RSVP's and email editing. Please also read Terms and Conditions of Membership and Site Use.

Culture is a modern concept based on a term first used in classical antiquity by the Roman orator Cicero : "cultura animi" (cultivation of the soul). Some scientists such as Edward Tylor used the term "culture" to refer to a universal human capacity. Join us in  encompassing all passions of the human spirit.