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Hello Fellow Dancers!!

Ever wanted to dance at a reception, or formal dance? Or been out with friends and wanted to swing around the dance floor together but just weren't quite sure how to do the steps? Have you wanted to increase your workout routine with some dance fitness moves? If so, this is the group to join.

We are a group of dancers sharing about dancing in our area. Whether beginning, intermediate, advanced or professional, we invite you to join us. We are already into our seventh year. Welcome New Members! We want to spread the message of dance opportunities to other people, family and friends in our community who may not have realized how close, available and affordable dance and dance fitness lessons are. Search our pages for listings of classes and dances in our area, and for local dance studio's and clubs' websites and other informational pages about dancing in the North State.

Most classes run for about a month. Classes are usually progressive, are offered in many different dance styles, and on several different dance levels. Be sure to check the Lessons pages for details for each particular Studio/Instructor.

New Member Information is on the About pages.

Be sure to check the Calendar pages for specific times for Dance Meetups/Classes.

Look for local Dances/Events on the Dances pages. Let us know if you have anything to post that is happening near your area.

Look for flyers, schedules, step lists, playlists and other files that can be uploaded/downloaded for members' uses on the Files pages.

Check out the new photo posts on the Photos pages. Tag (Label/ID yourself or your friends if you spot them.) They are all FUN pictures.

We want to thank our sponsors and others who have helped, for their support.

We look forward to a FUN, entertaining and educational year! :)

CLICK ON THIS LINK to get to our About pages and "Learn More About This Meetup Group"



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