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What we’re about

Team REIE is a free community for new and experienced real estate investors and entrepreneurs that are interested to join a group with like-minded people who believe that there is strength in numbers, security, and longevity.  You're welcome to message us or post your questions.  Visit our other links at bottom of page!  Join our Virtual meetings and meet other REIE members across the Country!

We host regular monthly meetings and conduct live property tours that will help you get motivated, educated and inspired to make money with real estate investing and business! Each Real Estate Tour meeting allows members to share deals and opportunities with the group, network with each other and learn from experts and guest speakers.  Our Weekly meetings go over how to grow your Business and your Real Estate Portfolio.

We truly believe that your network determines your net worth.  If you are an experienced investor we will take you to the next level, if you are an agent be prepared to learn new skills. Come Network with Investors, Brokers, Agents, Lenders, Joint Venture Partners, Money Partner, Wholesalers, Landlords, Business Owners and Entrepreneurs.  Did we mention that we are in other states? Join our Virtual meetings and meet others across the Country!

Join the meetup, turn up at some of the events and meet some awesome people!

Learn more from the community and platform that made this possible:

The Renatus Experience

It's time to make a change for the better!