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What we’re about

This group is for those seeking to heal through holistic healing practices including Breathwork. This approach to pain management, therapy, and healing is different because we address pain at its roots… which are energetic. “Breathwork” refers to respiratory therapies, rooted in Eastern practices utilized to effectively reduce stress-related illness, heal trauma, depression, heart disease, cancer, and other preventable diseases in a safe and non-invasive way. Through this Pranayama practice you may experience the healing ability innately each one of us has through the simple use of your own breath.

About Ceremonial Breathwork…

Ceremonial Breathwork is a rare individual style of breath practice created around newly discovered sacred plant medicine ceremonies from indigenous religions worldwide.  The BREATH is the medicine.  The experience incorporates Shamanic elements including the singing of “Icaro” (song of blessing), burning of Palos Santos, and Anointing of scared oils allowing for the connection to nature, the spirit world, and universal oneness.  Because of these elements it is a unique experience not to be missed and allows for deep gentle healing for your body, mind and spirit. 

What to expect at a session…

We begin with a welcome and share with intent for the session.  You will then be taught the three part breath practice consisting of two inhales, and one exhale all conducted with an open mouth.  During the practice you will lay in “savasana” or resting state and follow Melissa’s instruction with periods of breath retention enhanced with inspirational music in a safe and sacred space.  At the end of the session there will be 15-30 minutes of integration when you may share your experience and allow for what is called grounding or “getting back into” the body after the practice has concluded.

The atmosphere is safe, loving, non-judgmental and very divine.  It is open to anyone over the age of twelve regardless of your beliefs, culture, or creed.  Skeptics especially encouraged to join.  No experience in yoga or breathwork is necessary!

Who should NOT do Breathwork…

The gentle pranayam methods of Ceremonial Breathwork do not promote hyperventilation or re-traumatization unlike other form of breathwork such as holotropic  or rebirthing allowing it, for the most part, to be non-invasive.  HOWEVER, breathwork is not for everyone and you should consult your doctor first if you have a history of serious epileptic seizure, bipolar disorder, schizophrenia, major cardiovascular issues, serious psychiatric symptoms, or a history of aneurysms.  If you recently have had surgery and still have stitches or other medical or physical conditions which would impair your ability to breathe deeply and lay on your back on the floor for an hour then perhaps Ceremonial Breathwork is not for you.  

Please do your due diligence,  Breathwork can bring up emotions and release hidden traumas, so find a practitioner you trust with qualifications.  This powerful healing modality is safe if properly performed with a trained practitioner.

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