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Looking for a SAFE Club to ride with? One that’s not TOO BIG or too small? RMMRC is a BMW club (MOA #321 since 2004) with a lot of Honda riders, and are Harley Davidson friendly (but not too loud 😎) We welcome all brands of bikes and SAFE RESPONSIBLE RIDERS. We average about 5 to 20+ people on group rides (on larger rides we break up into groups of 4-6), and 20 to 35 people at meetings and dinners. Historically we have been a club that takes longer multi-day, or even multi-week rides, and this includes some international tours. 🌎

We meet once a month on the last Thursday of the month at The New York Deli News at 6 PM.

We aim to have at least 1 overnight and 1 multi-night ride per month from May through October. Event Organizers can post Imptomptu Rides anytime.

If you are looking to take an active part in a real club, there is opportunity here for you to help shape it into what you want from a club! Approved Event Organizers manage their own rides however they want, with only a few basic rules. Be nice to each other. Please avoid controversial subjects like politics and religion. Be safe. Helmets are required on all rides. No drinking or drugs during club rides, but we are not prudes... Some members like to imbibe AFTER the bikes are parked for the evening. 🍺 🍷 🥃

💰 Our membership dues are very reasonable for a non-profit corporation. We are a BMW Motorcycle Owners of America Charter Member. It does cost a little bit to run the club, and a few people to lend a helping hand. $12 per year for membership. If you want to be a less active member this makes it very affordable for you to only go to a couple/few meetings, dinners, events, or rides per year, but still belong to a legal and well organized club of Responsible Riders. Indeed many members make new friends and do plenty of side rides with them. Just more options for people who love to ride... ❤️❤️❤️ with people who love to ride! We don’t care what brand of motorcycle you prefer, or if you are a member with other clubs. 😎

For only A DOLLAR A MONTH you can belong to an active well run club where SAFETY IS ALWAYS NUMBER ONE! 

⚖️ LEGAL STUFF. 👮‍♂️ By joining this club, or exploring a FREE TRIAL MEMBERSHIP, you understand that motorcycling can be dangerous and you voluntarily accept this risk. Every member, or Trial Member, is required to have their own current insurance. Helmets are required on all club rides. Be safe out there. 👍

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