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What we’re about

Hi Ladies! Do you wish you could find other women in your age group with similar interests and enjoy some company during your physical activities or even just a dinner out ?

This group is for woman at least age 40 and up to about 60 who enjoy various physical activities such as walking the coast, ice skating, biking, hiking, taking a class, basically anything that gets you out and about. Being active is the main focus of the group, however, we will also have social events such as dinners, movies, wine nights, karaoke with dancing or any fun event you would like to suggest.

Let's form some lasting friendships with positive women in our age group with similar interests!

I would like this group to be dynamic and grow. I want everyone to be an active member so the group is limited to about 100 members, this group is meant to have fun and make REAL friendships, so we ask you attend at least 3 meet ups per year.

Please send me any ideas you have for a meetup.

We ask that you bring a positive energy to the group. Real friendships are priceless, lets form some.

This group is for you if you want to make genuine female friends. All members must be considerate and reliable to attend the events they commit to or give notice as soon as you know you cant make an event you have committed to.

So let's get together and see if we can form an active group with some personality and motivation!

  1. Your profile photo must be one where we can clearly see what you look like (your face). This is so we can identify you, it's a courtesy to other members and for our safety as a woman's group.
  2. Please complete the questionnaire so we can get an idea of what types of things you prefer.
  3. This group is for women age 40 and up.
  4. The goal of this group is to meet other women who are social, active and like to have fun!