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SDXD (San Diego Experience Design Professionals Network) is here to enrich the San Diego experience design community. Most members are UX research and design practitioners but we have a broad perspective. We want to bring together anyone who works in, or is simply interested by, the various experience design disciplines and techniques (UX, IxD, usability, prototyping, HCI, service design, industrial design, etc.)

Come make new connections, share ideas, learn best practices, and be inspired. Our meetings are free and open to the public. We welcome people from all fields; you do not have to be an XD professional to attend.

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🚀 SD Design Trek 2021: A FREE virtual tour of 10 design driven companies!

🎊 This year’s SD Design Trek is coming to YOU, March 8th-12th.

👏 Join us virtually as you trek through Instagram and Zooms to get a view into 10 different design-driven companies' teams, products, and culture. The trek is open to students, early-career UX professionals (new grad or transitioning), and senior UX practitioners looking to advance their careers. Virtual sessions include "Ask-Me-Anything" panels, Meet the Team, workshops, and more.

🚨Follow us on Instagram @sddesigntrek to catch takeovers from each company and be sure to grab your tickets on Eventbrite (https://www.eventbrite.com/e/sd-design-trek-2021-tickets-141916011611) for the virtual sessions. You won't want to miss this FREE event! For further details, visit http://sddesigntrek.com


— MONDAY 3/8, 5:30 pm PST - Classy —
In the evening of Day 1, join our Classy virtual session where designers from our brand and product teams will share our career journeys and tips on collaborating remotely on recent projects. Hear about what it means to design for good and processes behind designing for nonprofits + their supporters.
Don't miss out on this awesome opportunity with @classy_org 😍⁠

— TUESDAY 3/9, 12 pm PST - MetaLab —
MetaLab is proud of a diverse group of employees. We hire based on talent, not time zone which means their Slack is active nearly 24/7 and our team is truly world-class. We also believe there is no one size fits all definition of design leadership. That’s why @MetaLab created “Pinnacle,” a growth framework based on focus, influence, experience, and skill.
Come listen to design leaders discuss career opportunities at MetaLab on March 9th. You won’t want to miss this!

— WEDNESDAY 3/10, 12pm PST - ResMed —
Join us for an exciting look at the world of digital connected health and the awesome products designed to change lives and improve patient outcomes. Meet the UX team as they informally discuss a variety of topics: a product launch in response to the pandemic to help ventilation patients, life at ResMed, working with global team members, Q&A, and so much more!

— WEDNESDAY 3/10, 5:30pm PST - CXperts —
CXperts will introduce our co-founders, and you will hear about some of the work we do in digital experimentation and UX strategy & design. We pride ourselves in having a large community that shares unique designs. Our mission is to always supply our clients with the best work possible.

— THURSDAY 3/11, 5:30pm PST - ServiceNow —
For the ServiceNow virtual session you will learn how our fast-growing, global experience team is transforming enterprise and putting user-centered design at the core of our products. You’ll learn what we do at ServiceNow, the many roles within our experience organization that drive our experience, and how we foster our thriving culture. We are excited to introduce you to the team and give a better understanding of the community we have at ServiceNow.

— FRIDAY 3/12, 12pm PST - Blink —
Blink is a user experience firm, inspired design that is informed by people. We use evidence-driven design to create products people use and remember. Join Blink, as we show you our company as a whole. We will be featuring special guests from each department to walk you through a day in the life at Blink. Learn about design, our experiences, company culture, and much more!


Online event

🖥 Ready to step into the world of motion design?

Join GA and SDXD for a Motion Design 101 workshop on March 18th. At first, through a blend of lecture slides, video examples, and process overview, attendees will learn introduction to motion design. After that, the instructor will guide them through an example of his motion design project from the beginning to the end. Lastly, we will open the room for Q&A.

🚨 Register through General Assembly: https://generalassemb.ly/education/ga-sdxd-motion-design-101/san-diego/184898

Chase Morris: UX/UI Design - Instructional Staff, UCLA Extension

I used to design health programs focused on improving the lives of individuals. Now I design human-centered technology that influences how individuals interact with their phone, tablet, laptop or desktop. I've spent the last 5 years developing skills necessary to provide fact-based research that influences a businesses visual and functional design choices.

I don't believe in a problem resolution - I believe in assuring correct problem solutions. My passion for exploration, self-education, human kindness, and unrelenting self-improvement has led me to be a part of design projects for small local businesses, start-ups, and non-profits. Most importantly this passion has helped me spread the importance of UX/UI design thinking to the aspiring designers at UCLA Extension Cohort[masked]

🤝An Interactive SDXD Event: Awesome Connections Don’t Just Happen…They’re Made.

Online events are too often black coffee☕ ; functional, uninspired, gets you where you need to go.

We prefer an ✨ iced caramel macchiato✨ with the whipped cream on top.

Cozy Juicy Real (http://www.cozyjuicyreal.com) is an online board game 🎲 created with a very un-game-like purpose: to kindle fun, engaging and authentic conversations in a bright and exciting environment.

The world has enough tasteless small talk that leaves people feeling hungry for more. Let’s do something better - something that really brings people together.

😊 Cozy Juicy Real has been played by hundreds of teams around the world, who report feeling 19% happier, 25% calmer and 36% more connected after playing.

Played by teams at Miro, Zoom, Upwork and more - this event is an opportunity for the SDXD community to come together and forget the screens between you.

"Joyous & thoughtful...like nothing I’ve ever played before"

Check out this short video (https://learn.cozyjuicyreal.com/) or email the founders Jed & Sophia (mailto:[masked]).


Jed and Sophia Lazar have worked with Miro, Upwork and Americorps to create more trusting and connected teams. They’re group facilitators, board game designers, and conversational ninjas helping people work better together, one team at a time. Favorite coffee treat? Frappuccinos with silky soy milk and a pump of something sweet.



8pm - 8:15pm: Welcome + game rules

8:15pm - 9:15 pm: Play Cozy Juicy Real

9:15pm - 9:30pm: Fireside chat and audience Q&A


Online event

💪 Ready to step into the world of service design? Join GA and SDXD for a Service Design 101 intro workshop.

💡At first, through a blend of lecture slides, and process overview, attendees will learn introduction to service design. After that, the instructor will guide them through an example of her service design project from the beginning to the end. Lastly, we will open the room for Q&A.

🚨 Register through General Assembly: https://generalassemb.ly/education/ga-sdxd-service-design-101/san-diego/184915

Marina Terteryan, Service Design Director, the why lab

Hello, I'm Marina. I’m a multi-disciplinary design leader and conscious entrepreneur working at the intersection of service design, behavior science, education, and social justice.

As a design director, I've worked with Fortune 500s to social enterprises to NGOs on finding human-centered business solutions while also fostering a culture of empathy-driven innovation. As an educator, I actively contribute to the growth of the design field by teaching and guest-lecturing at some of the most impactful designs schools around the world.As a design advocate, I frequently give talks and executive-produce events to introduce design mindsets and career options in my communities.

Please do say hello and let's talk about design, standing desks, and how we can put more good into the world. You may know me as the host for the podcast Why Service Design Thinking, which was one of the first voices in the industry and is still streamed in 120+ countries today. I took a hiatus on new content but it will be getting a relaunch in December 2020! Join the mailing list to be alerted when new episodes are released.

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