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What we’re about

Sacramento Creative Writing workshops are here to support you, inspire you, to connect you with other writers, and to free your writing voice. Let's gather and write, write, write. 
In our Wednesday and Saturday workshops*, you will receive:

  • The support and guidance of an experienced group facilitator
  • Writing prompts intended to jump start fresh, new, first-draft writing
  • A writing environment where everyone can feel safe and respected
  • Inspiration to listen deeply to your own voice and write about what matters to you
    What to Expect
    Writing: A typical two-hour workshop will include two "writes"
    Sharing: You will be invited to read your writing out loud, but this is optional. You may pass at anytime.
    Responding: The Saturday workshops do not include verbal response, just silent applause. In the Wednesday workshop, we respond to just-written first drafts with positive feedback, not criticism. This builds trust and self confidence and helps us grow as writers and human beings. When a writer reads aloud, we respond very specifically with:
    what we like
    what stays with us
    what is strong
    Note: Everything shared in the workshop is confidential.
    We look forward to meeting you!

* The Monday workshop has a different format. We meditate in silence for 30 minutes, then write in silence for 30 minutes. No prompts or reading aloud.

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