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日本語会話 (Japanese Conversation)
For those at the pre-beginner stage of Japanese study, 日本語会話 means "Japanese Conversation!" All levels are welcome. No matter your level of fluency, please come prepared to speak some Nihongo, even if it's just "konnichiwa." I think we'd all like to speak better Japanese, and the only way to do that is through practice. Meetings begin at 7:00 PM and run (typically) to 9:00 PM, but can continue to 9:30 PM. We have a 30-minute period of Japanese Only during these meetups. During this time we ask you to please speak Japanese ONLY. Naturally, this will be easier for those who are upper intermediate or better, but it also gives those of us a lower levels a chance for challenging practice. Even if you have zero knowledge of Japanese, this can be a valuable opportunity to listen and get familiar with the sounds of the language. ( Before and after the 30 minutes, you may speak whatever language you like (but of course we encourage you to use Japanese =).

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