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Peace, Not Violence Day of Action

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The holidays are supposed to be a time of peace and kindness. But for animals, the holidays, too often, are filled with horror and violence.

Following up on the actions from the past two months -- Killing is no Kindness ( and Someone, Not Something ( -- DxE activists all over the world will head to places of violence with powerful visual displays contrasting the PEACE that the holidays should represent with the VIOLENCE that, too often, is the nightmarish reality.

As before, we recommend focusing on Chipotle -- financier of "American Meat" and prominent author of the humane myth -- where possible ( However, where Chipotle is not available, we can help you choose another suitable location.

Eleven cities around the world participated in our last day of action. We're looking for more, and can help you with planning and logistics. Contact us if you are interested. We'll add your page to this event!

SELECT CITY EVENT PAGES (More updates soon)

Los Angeles (

Philadelphia (

Phoenix (

Washington, DC (


Activists on one side of the restaurants' entrance, dressed in all white, hold signs with messages of PEACE.

Activists on the other side, dressed in funeral attire, hold signs representing the mourning and sadness of VIOLENCE.

In the middle - between the two groups of activists - place images of individual animals with the message: VICTIM OF CHIPOTLE'S (or other corporation's) GREED.

Please Call Adrienne Ramirez with questions 916-868-5758.