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The San Diego Meetup Organizers Meetup
This will be structured right from the start for productive dialogue. We'll take time to say hello, then have everyone introduce themselves. After that, we'll get straight into discussions on successes organizers are having, as well as discussions regarding the challenges organizers are facing with their groups. Common topics of discussion are: - Venues (best and worst in San Diego). - How to generate revenue through (or for) your Meetup group. - Growing the size of a Meetup group. - Minimizing no-shows to a Meetup event. - Meetup options, features & tools, and Organizers' best practices in utilizing them. - Other Organizer resources. You should be able to walk away from your time at this Meetup with information and new relationships that can be used immediately to help support, manage, plan, fund, and/or simply improve the quality/content of your Meetup group's events. See you there! :-) Regards, - Doug Means

Katana Sushi

12750 Carmel Country Road · San Diego, CA

What we're about

"A rising tide lifts all ships."

San Diego Meetup Group organizers - by working together with one-another, including through the sharing of resources, contacts and advice through years (months, weeks, etc) of experience - can raise the level of Meetup events being scheduled throughout San Diego County, most importantly through participation in this Organizers' group though, is knowing that it will be of great benefit towards being able to improve one's own groups.

Come meet with other Meetup Organizers as we share thoughts about what's working for them, along with what challenges they are finding in running and managing their groups - including discussion about obtaining "sponsors" and/or other local support.

Remember to come prepared to help others in managing and organizing their groups, knowing that everyone else at the same time will be there intending to help you with yours.

Please remember to mention this group to fellow organizers you are in touch with, or meet at events - in order to help increase the visibility for this group among San Diego Meetup Organizers.

This is currently a public group with open membership. While the group - and it's events - will remain squarely focused on the needs of local Meetup Organizers, others individuals or organizations may be interested in attending meetings as well - whether for specific networking opportunities, seeking out sponsorship opportunities, seeking visibility as a Meetup Organizer resource in some way, and/or simply as someone that may be considering becoming a Meetup Organizer in the future.

When possible, we'll schedule events at some Meetup-friendly venues around San Diego County.

Please use the "email me" feature on the site to contact me with any questions you might have. Otherwise, I hope to see you at an upcoming event!


Doug Means, Meetup Organizer (

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I also manage Meetup groups for the following BNI San Diego chapters:

And am acting as an interim Managing Organizer for Exceptional Entrepreneurs:

PLEASE NOTE: Organizer Meetups are peer-to-peer groups. Meetup HQ is not running this Meetup group in any official capacity, and generally doesn't monitor, review, or control any events or other content before it is posted. Meetups are run by local community leaders and not administered by Meetup HQ (unless otherwise noted).

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