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What we’re about

Welcome to our Foodies Community! When signing up for both San Diego and Carlsbad Foodies, RSVP on ONE group only, to save your seat. By the way, when you see I have added guests to my name, those are the people that signed up and given a deposit from my other Foodies Group!

At our Table of Four/Six/Eight, members review restaurants and recommend dishes. Let's focus on food, wine, and travel. We leave our worries behind. It’s a positive staycation day or night out!

RSVP Etiquette for Table of 4/6/8: I love what one of my fellow meetup organizers says about these particular events: Do not RSVP if you may WANT to go, are THINKING of going or are INTERESTED in going. RSVP ONLY if you are actually PLANNING to go! lol

Deposit required for Table of 4/6/8 events and Cooking Classes (as listed in the event description). Other events are free or paid directly to venue. Required: RSVP and commit to attending for restaurants and cooking classes. Every other event posted you can rsvp and show or not show.

We visit popular spots in various areas of San Diego and organize trips. Restaurant reviews, market visits, cooking classes, festivals and potlucks planned. Text name and ideas to 619-851-0808 to host an event at your home or clubhouse. And if you are wanting to be an Event Co-ordinator, that's easy. Have you ever made a reservation at a restaurant? All you do is make a reservation once or twice a month and contact me and I will post it for you.

It can be a table of 4, 6 or 8. Whatever you are most comfortable with. You can join my zoom call for Q & A's and then I will start posting any restaurants you want to go to. You just text me the info (or email if you like). If you are for example handling all events downtown thru North Park, or Oceanside and/or Vista, I can make you a 'Chapter Lead'. Your main skill will be that you know how to make people feel welcomed, as if they are invited to your home.

You'll find my phone number posted on the inside of events, for text, calls and times of zoom training.

Looking forward to seeing you!
Chef Marian 🥂

DISCLAIMER: Public space where photos may be shared. Organizers not liable beyond event arrangements. By participating, you accept risks and release the Venue, Meetup group, and organizers.