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What we’re about

There are countless meet up groups that cater to entrepreneurs and start-ups.  How is this one different?  Led by a lifetime entrepreneur who also moonlights with an interesting day job in emerging growth markets and technology, this is a group for Silicon Valley and Bay Area startup entrepreneurs who are interested in seriously building their business and taking their dream to the next level.  

With dozens of jam-packed events already under our belt (see "Silicon Valley Startup Entrepreneurs"), we know what you want and we know what you need … ACCESS to useful, relevant, and actionable content from seasoned professionals and entrepreneurs. We cover each stage in the life cycle of a startup, from inception to exit and everything in between.  We have the VCs and investors who are ready to share what they know and ready to act on what they like.  Our meet ups will support you, inspire you and give you access and connections to the people that can keep your dream alive. 

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