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What we’re about

iPhones, iPads, tablets, powerful laptops give us the opportunity to draw/paint our surroundings, record details about them, and to even learn how we think. This Santa Fe Blue Studio Digital Plein Air Meetup will occasionally offer day classes to get people up to speed on Mobile Paint Software Apps. Mostly we will be going on adventures in Santa Fe with our mobile devices to draw. From time to time we will host POP-UP Shows at Santa Fe Blue Studio. Ongoing there will be images displayed here on Santa Fe Blue’s website of our work.

What opportunities become available when you can, while on site, capture, manipulate and send to others your direct response to an environment? This is a great way to learn digital media; by doing and solving “right in the moment” problems. You do not require expertise only courage to try something. This Meetup will also explore how to take these digital plein air postcards into digital media like ebooks, social media, print, or use them in your drawings and paintings.