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Our vision is to create a network of outdoors enthusiasts to share our adventures, to learn from, to have fun with, and to create life long friends. We hike in the Santa Monica Mountains. This is a non profit organization and we will be donating back to the community by having beach cleanups. Our group is also committed to protecting the special places we hike. Our new conservation effort seeks to protect threatened areas in the local mountains through fun and easy actions we can take. Have fun Hiking and hope to see you soon!

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Los Angeles - Technical Canyoneering Course (ACE-L1)

Stoney Point Park

!! We are finally allowed and ready for some activity: our courses take place outdoors in the sun, there is little-to-no physical contact, our courses max at 8 students +2 instructors, and we wear rappelling gloves! Come outside with us, bring your mask, stay physically out-of-range, but let's get socially reconnected !! Learn Canyoneering from America's premier Canyoneering Instruction, Events & Community organization: Uber Adventures. Tuition for this comprehensive 2-day course is only $395 and includes loaner technical gear, all instruction, a 10% discount on any purchased gear from our online store, and a Certificate of Completion! You can pay the $100 deposit to hold your spot on our website, where you will also find a full description of this course, and a full calendar of our series of courses and locations: http://uberadventures.net/courses. In addition to our official site, we also host the most active canyoneering Meetup groups, with the best-trained canyoneers in the country! http://www.meetup.com/canyoneering! Sooo ..... What is Canyoneering? Canyoneering is an emerging adventure sport which has grown significantly in popularity over the past decade. This exciting sport combines hiking, wading, swimming, jumping, sliding, boulder-hopping, scrambling, down-climbing, sometimes packrafting and always rappelling โ€” often over waterfalls! Physically, it takes significantly less upper body strength than rock climbing, and is therefore a sport that can be enjoyed by a much larger spectrum of the population .. young or mature .. tall or short .. large or small. If you can hike, you can canyoneer! This sport has unique risks and requires a very specific set of technical skills to enjoy it safely. Rock-climbing, caving, mountaineering and swift water training teach related skills, but Canyoneering has become highly specialized. Our basic course gets you from "That looks cool!" ... to "Woohoo!" in 3 days! Check out these Vimeos and see why we are hooked on the sport! https://vimeo.com/148696696 https://vimeo.com/104538804 Prerequisite: None! This Technical Canyoneering Course (ACE-L1) is a beginner to intermediate course which teaches the skills necessary to safely descend canyons as part of a group (being a competent participant and the knowledge to recognize and implement safe canyon practices). This course is designed to quickly get the beginner up-to-speed on basics, to give both the rookie and intermediate canyoneer new tools for his/her toolbox, and will help intermediate canyoneers refine their current skill set! We also loan out all the technical gear you'll need for this course! See a list of the TOPICS and SKILLS, Policies, and Testimonials on our website! CURRICULUM BY: Klaus Gerhart - ACE Master Instructor/L5 Certified Guide, Certified Tactical Rappel Master, Wilderness First Responder, Advanced Swiftwater Rescue Technician, Whitewater Rescue Technician, Technical Rope Rescue Technician, Basic Mountaineering Instructor, Map & Compass Navigation Instructor and a Master Educator for Leave No Trace wilderness ethics. INSTRUCTOR: Todd Kolberg


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You have been dreaming about this for a long time! Let's make it happen and let's go see the Northern Lights in an fun-packed adventure, visiting three countries in one of the beautiful places in world: Scandinavia. CLICK HERE FOR MORE DETAILS AND TO SIGN UP: https://www.1000treks.com/trips/scandinavia-northern-lights-adventure Highlights: - Visit 3 Scandinavian countries: Finland, Sweden and Norway. - See the Northern Lights from a GLASS IGLOO! That's right! You've seen the pictures online and now you have the chance to actually do it! - Have the chance to spend a night in the Arctic Snow Hotel, a hotel made entirely of ice and snow! - Have 11 chances to see the Northern Lights in some of the best places in the world. We will be all-but-guaranteed to see the Aurora not only once, but several times. Here are some of the unique and amazing ways in which we will see the Lights: - From Abisko Sky Station in Sweden, where we will take a chairlift to what is possibly the best single spot on the planet to see the Northern Lights. - From the Lofoten Islands, considered by many as the most beautiful background in the world for the Northern Lights. - While riding an Electric Snowmobile - On sled pulled by reindeer. - On a sled pulled by huskies. - While Floating on a frozen lake wearing a thermal floating suit. - While horseback riding surrounded by snow. - Snowshoeing through the Laplandish wilderness. - On a cruise on the Barents Sea We will also do some amazing and unique activities and have some amazing experiences unique to Scandinavia, such as: - Visit a husky farm and drive your own husky sled - Visit and take city tours of Helsinki, the capital of Finland, and Oslo, the capital of Norway. - See a real unearthed Viking ship! - Take an overnight train from Helsinki to the Finnish Lapland in your own cabin with a bed and shower. A very cool and unique European experience! - Take a full day tour and sail on a real icebreaker - Go Ice fishing - Experience a snow sauna (that's right!) and a snow Jacuzzi - Go on a Finnish sauna where you can go on a sauna, come out and dip in frozen lake - Go Ice climbing - Ride a fatbike on the snow - Go Ice Karting. These activities and locations are all absolutely amazing. However, this trip will be even more amazing because we timed it in order to maximize our chances to see the Northern Lights. Displays of the Northern Lights do tend to intensify around the equinox months of March and September because the magnetic fields of the Earth and the Sunโ€™s solar wind are more likely to be in sync. There are no guarantees, but even stronger displays are therefore more likely around the spring equinox, which be on March 19. March also tends to be the winter month with the clearest skies. New moon is March 24, which means not only we will be getting the darkest skies of the month, but also the ski will be very dark on the 19th. No promises, but are likely to see some of the most amazing Northern Lights spectacles of the season during our travel dates. CLICK HERE FOR MORE DETAILS AND TO SIGN UP: https://www.1000treks.com/trips/scandinavia-northern-lights-adventure


โญ๏ธ GLAMPING!!! / BYOT (Bring Your Own Tent) โญ๏ธ COME 1 DAY OR 2 DAYS... MASSIVE / VERY SECLUDED SPOT with PICNIC TABLES, SINKS, OAK TREES, SHOWERS and REST ROOMS!! Friday June 11th, 2PM till noon Sunday June 13th... โœ… PAYMENT DETAILS AT BOTTOM OF PAGE โœ… ๐Ÿ…ฟ๏ธ PARKING LOT is big enough for 25 cars... so people should try to fit 2.5 people per car on average. ADMISSION into the park is approx $12 per car per day... ๐Ÿ…ฟ๏ธ If parking lot is full, there's TONS of parking in the lot, 1/4 mile from the campsite... (you can drop off your stuff in the closer parking lot, then park in the designated lot) FRONT GATE CLOSES FOR "INCOMING" VEHICLES AT 10PM POT-LUCK FOOD and LIBATIONS SMARTPHONE / GOOGLE MAPS: MAP HERE (https://goo.gl/maps/m2hDaw7qcnk) Conditions may be too dry for ANY kind of fire... bring portable burners / Jet-Boils if you need them to prepare food. short hike during the days and optional night hikes... 2 OVERNIGHTS at the campsite... OPTIONAL SHENANIGANS!!! ๐ŸŒธ HERE'S THE ITINERARY and some INFO!! ๐ŸŒธ FRIDAY we can start setting up tent as early as 2PM... or come after work and set up any time... - OR come on by Saturday; your choice!! we'll do a series of hikes over the couple of days, including a late night hike like last year, we'll have the "Fiesta-Pod" playing 80's dance music (there's a water pump near the campsite, if anyone's got a small inflatable pool, that might be cool!!) (people arriving late can stay around the campsite and do "whatever ya want") we have to be out by NOON on Sunday ******************************************************* it's around 120 yards from the parking lot to the campsite there's 6 restrooms, 6 sinks, 4 showers and 10 picnic tables CAMP FIRES DEPEND ON WEATHER CONDITIONS, but personal propane / Jet-boils are OK I got the music covered bring food for POTLUCK dinner, and breakfast bring a CHAIR / hammock bring LIGHTS / GLOWSTICKS if you got 'em!! "corn-hole game" / beach balls / and that sort of thing might be fun as well ๐Ÿ• Potluck Food Schedule is by BIRTHDAY ๐Ÿ• (these are just suggestions) Jan Feb March July - Protein Apr May June - Veggies or Salad Aug Sept Oct - Pasta or Carb Nov Dec - Fruit or Desert everyone bring your own beverages, plates / glasses / utensils / napkins ***if you have a specialty that doesn't fit into your category feel free to go for it, it's just a suggestion and nobody will check your ID. GOOGLE MAPS / SMARTPHONE LINK HERE (https://goo.gl/maps/m2hDaw7qcnk) ***no refunds after May 15 th... but you can go down the waitlist if any and find someone to buy your spot โœ… FEE IS $29 PER PERSON !! โœ… ๐Ÿ˜€ pay via PayPal: [masked] ๐Ÿ˜€ or Venmo: @HikingLA ***after signing up, you'll have 1 week to make payment... if no payment is made within the week, you'll be moved to waitlist, but will be reinstated upon payment...


Let's go on an amazing South American adventure where we visit three South American countries, explore the largest rainforest in the world, see the largest waterfalls in the world, visit one of the world's most beautiful cities, and marvel at one of the Seven Wonders of the World. FOR FULL DETAILS, GO TO: https://www.1000treks.com/trips/the-south-american-wonders--the-amazon--iguassu-falls-and-rio- HIGHLIGHTS: - Visit THREE South American Countries: Brazil, Argentina, and Paraguay. - Explore the mighty Amazon Jungle, the biggest rainforest in the world, including three days on a river jungle cruise and four days in an authentic jungle lodge deep in the jungle! - Visit and spend the night with a tribe of Amazon Indians. - Have the chance to see a variety of unique wildlife, including several different kinds of primates, sloth, Amazonian crocodiles, even jaguars and the biggest snakes in the world, anacondas! - Go fishing for piranhas and then have piranhas for dinner (that's right!). - Swim with the beautiful, unique Amazonian freshwater pink dolphins. That's right, we will not only see them but will SWIM WITH THEM IN THE WILD! - Take a panoramic flight over the Amazon jungle (optional). - Astound yourself as you gaze at the world's largest waterfalls and one of the Seven Wonders Nature, the majestic Iguassu Falls. We will see the falls from both the Brazilian side and the Argentinian side. - Explore one of the world's most famous and beautiful cities: Rio de Janeiro. - See the statue of Christ the Redeemer, one of the official Seven Wonders of the World. FOR FULL DETAILS AND TO SIGN UP, GO TO: https://www.1000treks.com/trips/the-south-american-wonders--the-amazon--iguassu-falls-and-rio-

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