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Our vision is to create a network of outdoors enthusiasts to share our adventures, to learn from, to have fun with, and to create life long friends. We hike in the Santa Monica Mountains. This is a non profit organization and we will be donating back to the community by having beach cleanups. Our group is also committed to protecting the special places we hike. Our new conservation effort seeks to protect threatened areas in the local mountains through fun and easy actions we can take. Have fun Hiking and hope to see you soon!

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"Green Griffith" Hike - 9 miles.

Merry Go Round Lot Two

Distance - 9.25 miles Elevation gain - 1700' Difficulty - INTERMEDIATE ADVANCED-NO BEGINNERS!!! No injuries or recent surgical procedures. (Yes I really have to say this...) After all the recent rain, Griffith park is greener than it has been in a while. Saturday should be partly sunny with temps in the high 50s. Join us for this 9.5 mile fast paced hike that starts at Parking Lot 2. We will start by heading west to the Lower Beacon trail, then we will proceed up the Coolidge trail to 5 points and the Helipad. From there we head down the Riverside trail to the Greek Theater, then north to Mt. Hollywood. After spending a short time at Mt. Hollywood we will hike down the "3 mile trail" to Mt. Hollywood Drive and Vista Valle drive, past water tower 113 and finally the Bill Eckert trail back to the lot. This will be a fast paced "brisk" hike intended to give us a good workout while enjoying the freshly green scenery. There will be no sweep on this hike, so if you are a very slow hiker, this may not be the hike for you. Here is a map of the route. What to bring... -Hiking shoes with good traction -Light jacket -Snack for Mt. Hollywood -A camera if you'd like -A smile and good vibes!


This weekend, we're going to check out the breathtaking views from the Topanga Lookout (aka Rosas Overlook on Google Maps). We'll hike from Stunt Road to Topanga Lookout then back downhill via the Stunt High Trail. There will be some rock scrambling opportunities, and we might see some waterfalls. We'll stop for snacks at Topanga Lookout. The distance is about 9 miles. The Sun sets at 5:46 pm on Sunday, 2/24. Depending on when we make it down the hill, we may be able to catch the sunset. Dinner after; restaurant TBD: either Cholada Thai or Reel Inn depending on the size the group. START TIME 11:30 AM FINISH: Around 5:00 PM SUNSET: 5:46 pm ---------- PARKING: Park in the parking lot or along the road. Make sure you're inside the white line. RESTROOM: There is a non-flushing portable restroom. There is no running water. SUNSET LOCATION: The Beach across the street from Cholada Thai. Google Map Address: 101 Pacific Coast Hwy, Malibu, CA 90265 From this address, walk down to the beach. DINNER: EITHER A) Cholada Thai Beach Cuisine 18763 Pacific Coast Hwy, Malibu, CA 90265 or B): Reel Inn 18661 Pacific Coast Hwy, Malibu, CA 90265 EXPECTED WEATHER: around 50 - 60 degrees https://weather.com/weather/tenday/l/USCA0149:1:US PHOTOS: Here's a cool 360 degree photo from Topanga Lookout: https://theta360.com/s/lqBo5kIAx701ofPns3QSexL8K WHAT TO BRING: BRING 3 LITERS OF WATER, A HAT, SUNSCREEN, COMFORTABLE SHOES, SNACKS, WARM CLOTHES, MITTENS OR GLOVES DOGS: Dogs are not allowed per State Park Rules. LEGAL STUFF: by going on this hike, you agree to assume all risks of this hike, and that no one at Meetup including the organizer is responsible for your safety. See the Meetup terms of service especially paragraph 6.2: http://www.meetup.com/terms/

Los Angeles - Technical Canyoneering Course (ACE-L1) + Monday Canyon!

Learn Canyoneering from America's premier Canyoneering Instruction, Events & Community organization: Uber Adventures. Tuition for this comprehensive 3-day course is only $395 and includes loaner technical gear, all instruction, a 10% discount on any purchased gear from our online store, and a Certificate of Completion! And, as a courtesy to our students, you are invited to join us in descending a local canyon on the day following this course where you can put your newly acquired skills to immediate use! **This course is cross-posted in several places .. just because you see no sign-ups here, doesn't mean that nobody else is signed-up!** You can pay the $100 deposit to hold your spot on our website, where you will also find a full description of this course, a full calendar of our series of courses and locations, an online store for all your canyoneering gear needs, and a list of the festivals we host: http://uberadventures.net. In addition to our official site, we also host the most active canyoneering Meetup groups, with the best-trained canyoneers in the country! http://www.meetup.com/canyoneering ...and others! Sooo ..... What is Canyoneering? Canyoneering is an emerging adventure sport which has grown significantly in popularity over the past decade. This exciting sport combines hiking, wading, swimming, jumping, sliding, boulder-hopping, scrambling, down-climbing, sometimes packrafting and always rappelling — often over waterfalls! Physically, it takes significantly less upper body strength than rock climbing, and is therefore a sport that can be enjoyed by a much larger spectrum of the population .. young or mature .. tall or short .. large or small. If you can hike, you can canyoneer! This sport has unique risks and requires a very specific set of technical skills to enjoy it safely. Rock-climbing, caving, mountaineering and swift water training teach related skills, but Canyoneering has become highly specialized. Our basic course gets you from "That looks cool!" ... to "Woohoo!" in 3 days! Check out these Vimeos and see why we are hooked on the sport! https://vimeo.com/148696696 https://vimeo.com/104538804 Prerequisite: None! This Technical Canyoneering Course (ACE-L1) is a beginner to intermediate course which teaches the skills necessary to safely descend canyons as part of a group (being a competent participant and the knowledge to recognize and implement safe canyon practices). This course is designed to quickly get the beginner up-to-speed on basics, to give both the rookie and intermediate canyoneer new tools for his/her toolbox, and will help intermediate canyoneers refine their current skill set! See a list of the TOPICS and SKILLS, Policies, and Testimonials on our website! Instructor: Klaus Gerhart - ACE Master Instructor/L5 Certified Guide, Certified Tactical Rappel Master, Wilderness First Responder, Advanced Swiftwater Rescue Technician, Whitewater Rescue Technician, Technical Rope Rescue Technician, Basic Mountaineering Instructor, Map & Compass Navigation Instructor and a Master Educator for Leave No Trace wilderness ethics.


Australia, Multiple Locations

This is not a scuba-only trip, but we are going to The Great Barrier Reef and will be diving, so I'm sharing it here too. Location: Australia- Sydney, Melbourne, Cairns, Brisbane, Australian Outback. Dates: March 9-24, 2019 It's OK to RSVP without a deposit. A deposit guarantees your spot. CLICK HERE TO LEARN MORE: https://www.1000treks.com/trips/australia--the-adventure-down-under People have been asking for this one for a long time. Let’s go on an one-of-a-kind adventure to one of the most beautiful and exciting countries in the world: the land down under, Australia. As always we have gone out of our way to create a fast-paced amazing itinerary in which we will do tons of exciting activities and visit tons of amazing and exciting places. We will do the regular touristy things that everyone has to do when they go to Australia, but as always, we’ll take things to another level by doing some amazing adventurous and unique stuff. In this two-week trip we will: - Visit some of Australia’s major cities such as Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane. - Visit a tropical rainforest. - Get introduced to the Aboriginal culture, the oldest living culture in the world, dating back 40,000 years! - Snorkel on the Great Barrier Reef, the largest reef in the world. - Scuba dive on the Great Barrier Reef! This is a must for any scuba diver, but you will be able to do it even if you have never scuba dived before! - Visit the breathtaking Whitsunday Islands: https://tinyurl.com/whitsunday-1000treks - Sail on a racing yacht. - Visit the beautiful Fraser Island and go on a two-day 4x4 adventure where you can drive your own 4x4 through the sandy beaches of the biggest sand island in the world. - Kayak with dolphins. - Drive the Great Ocean Road where we will see Loch Ard Gorge, Apollo Bay, The twelve apostles and Port Campbell. - Visit the Australian Outback where we will see the famous Uluru (Ayers Rock) and do a full hike around it. In case you have been living under a rock (no pun intended) and don't know what Uluru is, this is Uluru: https://tinyurl.com/uluru-1000treks - Take a helicopter flight over Uluru (optional), one of the most amazing experiences you will ever have! - Have the chance to skydive over Uluru! That’s right: do a safe tandem jump- attached to a professional skydiver- over Uluru! And more! Those were just some of the highlights. CLICK HERE TO LEARN MORE: https://www.1000treks.com/trips/australia--the-adventure-down-under

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