What we're about

Santan Shredders is a fun group of mountain bikers and road cyclists who want to share the excitement of trail/road riding with you! We have group rides, events, kids programs, trail volunteer opportunities, and more! And if you also enjoy food and a good bevy, SCORE! Then you'll want to join us for all the great things the Shredders community has to offer.

Santan Shredders offers:

* No Drop Rides: Just a cool way of saying, "No worries, we won't leave ya alone !"
* Ride groups: Based on skill level: Beginner, Intermediate, and the "No Stop - Just GO"
* Designated stops: Re-group, rehydrate, and take in a nutritional/snack.
* Individual Progression: Increase fitness as you advance your riding skills.
* Nutritional and Fitness Plan referral: Tactical Fitness, a sponsor of Shredders, offers nutrition and fitness plans at a SanTan Shredder rate.
* ICP Certified Skills coaches to help you with all your fundamental riding skills; boost confidence; rider safety; have more fun; etc.
* Skills clinics and programs: adults and kids.
* Sponsor discounts: For Santan Shredders Members (San Tan Bikes; Kryptonite; Kali Protectives; CycleBar in Gilbert; Tactical Fitness; San Tan Physical Therapy)
* More exciting opportunities to share! Just ask!

Let's go!

Grab your bike and gear then get dirty with us as we escape the everyday noise on great trails around the Valley and state.


The Santan Shredders crew.

PLEASE READ CAREFULLY THROUGH THE FOLLOWING IMPORTANT INFO - We want your experience with us to be a great one !

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Please note:

1. Santan Shredders does not require membership dues, however we do accept donations to offset the $24.95 monthly meet-up site fees. (There is a "Donate" button further down the page, in the "About Us" area)

2. By joining Santan Shredders, you are agreeing to the Waiver, Release and Assumption of Risks at the very bottom of the page. For security purposes, all members are required to have a current photo attached to their Meetup's profile that clearly shows their face. Additionally, all photos that are taken at the events and posted to the group web site (s), become the property of Santan Shredders.

Your "No Cost" membership includes:
- Message boards to meetup with others, share ideas, etc.
- Training tips and riding advice
- Meeting new people who enjoy mountain biking and just being outdoors
- Access to special events sponsored by Santan Regional Park District
- Official Santan Shredders Bike Jerseys for only $70.00
- Additional Discounts to the following Queen Creek & San Tan Valley area businesses: 
* San Tan Bikes - 10%+ off purchases (Including mountain bikes) & 20% off labor. 
* Kryptonite - 10% off all lights and locks purchased at San Tan Bikes
* Kali Protectives - 10% off any new Kali Helmet or protective gear - Must be purchased at San Tan Bikes
* Tactical Fitness Personal Training - 15% off personal training - 20% off nutrition packages - 480-390-7049
* San Tan Physical Therapy - No cost initial consultation
* CycleBar Gilbert - Special discounts for all new Shredder Members

- Please RSVP to ALL rides
- Staying informed by reading all emails and updates
- A helmet and water pack/water bottles (100oz. for most rides)
- A properly fitted mountain bike in good working order
- Good cardio fitness (you have a regular routine of some type of cardio workouts at least twice a week)
- Self-preparedness: tools, food, water and maps to take care of yourself should the need arise!

So join us today, and experience new rides and meet new friends!

Feel free to contact me with questions, and I hope to see you on the trails soon!
Jim Jensen, Santan Shredders Organizer - 480-Six-Nine-Eight-6884

By Joining Santan Shredders, you agree to the following WAIVER, RELEASE, AND ASSUMPTION OF RISKS:


I/we hereby waive, release and discharge the Meetup group Santan Shredders LLC and its officers, ride leaders, volunteers, employees, organizers, sponsors, members, and ride participants from any and all claims for personal injury, property damage, or death resulting from my/our participation in any Santan Shredder event.
I/we acknowledge that mountain biking is a high-risk sport. I/we realize there are certain dangers inherent in the sport of mountain biking, and I/we assume these risks with the full understanding that injuries may result from my/our participation in any Santan Shredder LLC event.
I intend this release to discharge the above-named from any and all liability arising from or connected in any way with my/our participation in any event, even though that liability may result from the negligence or carelessness of the above named.
I/we certify that my/our bicycle is suitable for safe use in all events, that I/we are in good physical condition, and that I/we are able to complete the event. I/we agree to wear a bicycle helmet properly adjusted and fastened and approved by SNELL or ANSI.
I/we have read this waiver and release and fully understand its terms and agree that it shall be binding on my/our heirs and assigns. I/we consent to emergency care at my own expense if injured or ill.

By joining Santan Shredders LLC is my signature on this waiver.

Upcoming events (4+)

18 mile eBikes night ride at SanTan Mtn, starting from Wagon Wheel.

Goldmine Trailhead

Come join us for a fun and fast eBike night ride along the SanTan Mountain Trails. We’ll start gathering at the Wagon Wheel parking lot before 6:00pm for a wheels down at 6:10pm. We will ride up Dynamite and hit almost every trail in the Mountain.

San Tan Bikes "Night Shredders" Ride from the Main Parking Lot

San Tan Mountain Regional Park

Intermediate Level "Night Shredders" Mountain Bike Ride: Shed your work schedule then spend the evening lighting up the trails on two-wheels. During this San Tan Bikes-sponsored adventure, ole familiar trails become new again; challenging your skills from new and heightened perspectives. First timers to experts, this is a no-drop ride. Please bring your helmet and two 650-lumen lights (bar and helmet mount), and water. Snacks are optional. Meet near the flagpole ten-minutes early as wheels down are at the top of the hour.

Kali Protectives Sponsored: Beginner-mediate "Laying the Foundation" Skills Ride

San Tan Mountain Regional Park

**Stick around and CELEBRATE with us at 11:30am with the Board of Directors from Maricopa Trail and Park Foundation, Maricopa County Parks and Rec staff, Arizona State Parks and Trails, Phoenix Magazine and Arizona Hiking Group, and more! We'll also be serving up drinks and food following our Celebration event**

This class is for the beginner, intermediate and experienced advanced rider looking to lay the proper foundation that will greatly enhance your MTB riding.

Let's take your ride from "MEH" to "YEAHH!"

Our ICP Certified Skills coaches will get you sured up so your ready to hit the trail with confidence or get you ready for more advanced riding.

We'll cover:

* Pre-ride bike check
* Trail etiquette
* Intro to Foundational Skills
* Trail ride with brief stops to discuss features and choosing a line while you hydrate.

Let's GO!

Gear UP!

* Bike that is ready to roll (please no folding bikes, ten speeds, beach cruisers)
* Helmet is mandatory
* Protective eyewear (glasses/goggles)
* Closed-toed shoes if riding flats.
* Water/Snacks
* Dress comfortably
* Read/SIGN(ed) waiver prior to ride. We'll have waivers available on site.

**We'll have additional water, snacks for anyone who needs them.**

Park Entrance:

Annual Pass
$7 per vehicle
$2 Ride in

Help us keep riding safe and fun on our desert trails. Please considering making a DONATION in any amount. Funds raised go toward trail maintenance/stewardship; kids programs; Ride with Santa; and other mountain biking events. Thank you!

CELEBRATE with us for this important event. Details below

San Tan Mountain Regional Park

CELEBRATE with us at 11:30am with the Board of Directors from Maricopa Trail and Park Foundation, Maricopa County Parks and Rec staff, Arizona State Parks and Trails, Phoenix Magazine and Arizona Hiking Group, and more! We'll also be serving up drinks and food following our Celebration event.

We would like to thank Maricopa Trail and Park Foundation for selecting San Tan Mountain Regional Park to be the 1st recipient of a heavy duty trail/utility tool box. The box contains all the tools needed for trail work days. The container will be strategically placed along one of the trails to help ease the burden of loading and transporting tools to and from the mobile mini.


Past events (1,559)

We're Hitting Hawes

NRA Pit Trailhead - Maricopa Trail