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What we’re about

We welcome anyone interested in or already practicing meditation, breathwork, cold exposure, earth based and other mindfulness and open awareness practices.

Offering a variety of in person guided practice sessions in the Seattle and surrounding area. This is a space to connect, learn and grow with a collective of like-minded people.

Our aim is to share and practice simple effective techniques together (research based and from personal experience), for optimizing mental, emotional, physical, social and spiritual well-being.

Examples of what we may practice are things like:
— Breathwork methods for cold plunges
— cold exposure therapy
— impermanence and mortality meditation
— loving-kindness meditation
— mindfulness meditation
— guided imagery and visualization
— body scanning
— pranayama techniques
— holistic health practices
— concentration meditation (calm abiding)
— sitting, walking and breathing meditation
— sound and mantra meditation
— lucid dreaming

The group format generally will simply be practicing, discussion, and social time. If over time the group desires to focus on one particular area/practice, we can alter the format to best serve the group members. — Generally will look like — guided meditation + breathwork + cold plunge - with discussion off and on throughout.

Personally, we want to give back to the community what has become the greatest sense of inner refuge in our lives (i.e. meditation and breathwork), beyond all the countless things we have witnessed eventually fail due to the impermanence of things. As well, create a real in person community of practitioners, as we believe in person connection matters most for our collective, holistic health.

This group is co-facilitated by Jason T. Dean and David Reveles, who are both long term meditators and breathwork practitioners. David is a Certified Yoga and Meditation Teacher that has been teaching mindfulness and meditation informally for over ten years and professionally for five years (Origins Meditation). Jason is a Certified Mindfulness, Meditation, and Breathwork Teacher, who has been teaching meditation and breathwork since October 2021, received certification to teach meditation professionally in October 2021 (through the School of Positive Transformation), Breathwork Instructor Certification in February 2022 (Yogalap) and also completed the Cold Plunge Method Fundamentals Course.

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Fee per person: $15-25 per event. 
venmo: @originsunity or @JasonTDean
paypal: @davidreve
zelle or applepay: 720 656 2632

Fees help us cover the costs of the meetup, our time for preparation, helps us reach new people and it helps to create more and more unique events throughout the community for people to benefit from. We put our hearts fully into this; money helps us expand this group's impact, and helps to support ourselves financially, as teaching meditation, breathwork, holistic health and longevity is our sole livelihood. Thanks!

We run this meetup sometimes in conjunction with the meetup: Yogic Breathing Cold Plunge Seattle Meetup

Check out Yogic Breathing Cold Plunge Seattle on Meetup:

LIABILITY WAIVER - By joining online as a member of this meetup group and/or any event hosted by this group, you hereby release its organizers, hosts, and participants from any and all liability, claims, demands or causes of action that you now have, or may have in the future, for illness, injuries, damages, all other physical, mental and emotional reactions, death and/or economic loss of any kind or nature, arising in whole or in part out of the activities, advice, or information contained herein.

DISCLAIMER - The event listed is an opportunity for members to participate, practice, and socialize with other people. A “yes” rsvp means you understand, accept, and agree that you and your guests are solely responsible for your own choices, actions, conduct and safety in regards to all possible hazards and inherent risks, including COVID-19, associated with participating in this activity and meeting new people. By attending this event, you agree to not hold any organizers, hosts, or participants liable. The hosts or organizers are just present to facilitate and/or coordinate.

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  • 🙏 Meditation 🔥 Breathwork ❄️ Cold Plunge
    Golden Gardens Bathhouse, Seattle, WA
    • Photo of David Reveles Origins Unity LLC
  • 🙏 Meditation 🔥 Breathwork ❄️ Cold Plunge
    Golden Gardens Bathhouse, Seattle, WA
    • Photo of David Reveles Origins Unity LLC
  • 🙏 Meditation 🔥 Breathwork ❄️ Cold Plunge
    Golden Gardens Bathhouse, Seattle, WA
    • Photo of David Reveles Origins Unity LLC
  • 🙏 Meditation 🔥 Breathwork ❄️ Cold Plunge
    Golden Gardens Bathhouse, Seattle, WA
    • Photo of David Reveles Origins Unity LLC