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What we’re about

Hello there,
As members of the Poly community, we often hear people bemoaning the lack of opportunities to meet professional, healthy, happy, attractive, interesting, adult polyamorous people in the Seattle area. This is supposedly one of the biggest, most active polyamorous communities in the US, and yet it appears that all of us poly folk are just groping around in the dark, trying to meet each other! SO, in an effort to figure out ways to meet others, this Meetup was born with the goal of bring together groups of poly folk in the area. Let’s work together to make a group for us fun, sparkly, happy, poly people here in the rainy city, and create opportunities to meet, discuss poly issues, have a bite to eat, have a cocktail, plan outings, plan get-togethers, flirt, connect, fall in love, and all the other wonderful things that poly folks do.

Many people join this group with the hope of finding resources.  If this applies to you, please check out the "More" button at the top of the SPP Meetup page.  Choose "Pages" from the drop-down box and you will find a list of Poly related resources.  If you have any trouble finding the resource page or if you have any resources you would like added please shoot me a message and I would be happy to do an update! 

This Meetup was originally started with the idea that it would be everyone's group. If you have ideas, share them! If you always thought it would be awesome to meet with other poly people for water aerobics every full moon, please let us know. We will help you set it up, or any other meeting you feel passionate about, just be willing to do at least some of the planning and hosting and we can make it happen! We would love for this to be OUR group and to that end we would be happy to try to fill some of the holes you are finding in your poly existence. Let us know where to start and be willing to help out.  We are happy to show you how.

A few ground rules:
• This isn't a swingers group. We're not meeting for group sex, we're meeting for casual chat, sometimes deeper discussion but also flirting and fun. If you want to flirt and make dates and plans outside the group, please do! That's part of what we’re about! But there are no guarantees that you'll walk away with a date, so please just set your expectations at fun chat and meeting other area poly people in a safe, fun setting.  

• We're not a kink group -- we really don't care if you're into bondage, Dom/sub, fire play, furries, or whatever, but that’s not the focus of this group. We highly recommend the CSPC if you are looking for more kink information or activities! They're an amazing resource for the kink and sex-positive communities, but this group is unaffiliated with the CSPC because many poly people are vanilla and some have expressed feeling isolated at CSPC events as a result. If you are interested, there are many other Meetups, even poly ones, that are more cross connected with the kink community. (Please see: Seattle Polyamory Meetup Group. They are an awesome group of kink and geek friendly poly people. It’s totally fine to be a member of both groups. Many of us are!)

• We are not a geek group. There's nothing wrong with being geeky; many of us are proud geeks and have been all our lives! But there is also a share of the poly community that is less geeky so please, let’s let our geek flags fly in all the other geeky Meetup groups around!

• We would prefer to keep drug and alcohol use to a low roar at group activities; there is absolutely nothing wrong with getting your party on but if you show up obviously drunk or stoned, you may be asked to leave. Polyamory can be hard enough in unaltered states. What you do outside of the group is of course, your business.

• We ask that you show respect to everyone at all gatherings; if you're interested in another person’s partner, please be considerate when you approach them. Likewise it’s possible that your partner may be approached. Please be aware and comfortable with this possibility. This is all pretty basic polyamory stuff -- centered around respect and tolerance.

• Please leave your drama at home. We understand that ”Shit Gets Complicated”, especially in poly relationships. But please be mindful and respectful of the other members, who didn't come to the group to be wowed by anyone’s relationship theatrics! Seriously though, please resolve your drama outside of the group. This applies to online drama and the forum, too.

Folks, we know you're out there. We've met some of you, and I know there are more. Let's make this group a resource for the poly people out there in the Seattle area to meet and connect, flirt and make dates and talk about being poly in a society that is pretty hostile to the idea of ethical non-monogamy.

Come play with us!