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Mesa is a Spanish word for table, and in Peru this word is used to describe altars used by shamans for healing the sick. There are different styles of mesa used by different shamans, but this workshop will focus on the Q'ero style mesa used since the time of the Inca.

The Q'ero are a small tribe that used to be part of the Inca empire. When the Spanish arrived this tribe hid high in the mountains and remained untouched by the modern world. They kept their lifestyle, culture and spiritual practices pure and unchanged - the only Andean people who were able to do this. In the 1950's they came out of hiding to share their prophesies with the rest of the world and since that time they have become known as the only people to still practice the ways of the Inca, and regarded as the most gifted healers of the Andes. One of the main features of their spiritual practice is a special style of altar that they carry. This style of altar is unique in that if fold up into a medicine bundle and can be used for healing and medicine work in both it's folded up bundle form, or in it's opened laid out form. Traditionally this altar is used for healing, insight, guidance, divination and much more.

The workshop will cover how to build and develop your own mesa, how to use your mesa for insight and healing, and how to work with the Andean medicine wheel. The goal is that at the end of this workshop participants will have enough info to start building and learning to work with the mesa on their own at home if they wish. The workshop will be taught by Travis Bodick who has been lucky enough to work directly with the Q'ero tribe for the last 4 years. We will meet at a private residence in Issaquah 20 minutes east of Seattle. The address will be posted 1-2 days before the workshop.

The event is free, but donations are always appreciated <3

If you want to bring materials for building your own mesa altar, all you need is a cloth that is significant and meaningful to you (about bandanna size or a little larger), something nice to tie the cloth together with once it is folded, and anything you want to place in your altar (usually the main things in a Q'ero altar are stones and crystals). Remember when choosing what to put in your mesa - this altar is a representation of your medicine, so choose objects that are meaningful to you. You can always add to your altar later on and keep building it up over the years as you develop alongside it. I also have a few traditional altar clothes hand-woven by the Q'ero tribe that are available for sale if anyone wishes to purchase one. These clothes are handwoven with all materials made from scratch the traditional way, and the patterns in the weaving are older then the Inca empire and depict different spirits like Inti Taitai (The Sun), Pachamama (Earth Mother) and Puma (mountain lion or cougar). These clothes have beautiful energy and are a very powerful base for your altar, and buying them helps support the Q'ero tribe. For those not able or not called to use the Q'ero cloth - any cloth can be used for your altar as long as it is meaningful to you. It does not have to be the special Q'ero cloth. The Q'ero cloths are very nice and really amazing though!

For those wishing to learn more about the Q'ero mesa before the workshop, I did write an article on the same material as this workshop which has been published by multiple magazines:'ero-style-Mesa)/10251746

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