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What we’re about

The observation and study of the universe has been occurring since the beginning of human existence. Recent advances in technology has allowed for human and robotic planetary exploration. Plans are in process for planetary colonization.

Are we the first galactic life-form to explore our solar system? Monthly speakers will present the results and conclusions of their ongoing research into one of the many topic areas related to this subject.

Sedona MUFON does:
• charge a $15.00, US Dollar, per meeting, per person, cash only fee to attend.
• the event fee is paid at the event.
• may have a group dinner after the meeting (each individual pays for their meal).

Join other open-minded and like-minded life-forms attending the monthly meetings. Details of the Sedona MUFON events will be provided at the meeting. Visit the official website at Sedona MUFON.

The “Sedona MUFON” name, logo, meetings and events are the property of Jennifer Stein.

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