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What we’re about

Speed Dating Events for Lesbian/Bi/Trans Singles and Poly, Kinky, and Queer People of all types

💞 If you’re frustrated with dating apps and are looking to meet real people in real-time, then speed dating events with Litte Gay Book are for you!

Whether you meet up with us at one of our In-Person events or join us in our Zoom Room for one of our online events we get you face-to-face with like-minded individuals for real conversations, real connections, and real 2nd dates.

Everyone who attends is looking to connect, and there’s the potential for lots of fun, great conversations, date and friend matches. Come check one out!

Lesbian/Bi/Trans Speed Dating events are open to all lesbian, bisexual, nonbinary, and genderqueer folks. They are a trans-welcoming space, and intolerance will not be permitted. No cis-men, please.

Our Poly, Kinky, and Queer events are open to people of all genders and all sexualities.

How Speed Dating works:

You’ll need a smartphone to share what type of matches you’re interested in and for leaving your feedback. Our simple smartphone technology allows us to tailor the event to the age and “type” of person you’d like to meet. You tell us where your preferred date lies on the masculine-feminine spectrum, along with their age range. The algorithm determines the best matches possible, allowing for a more tailored experience than random, public speed dating.

For Online Speed Dating you’ll meet your matches in intimate break-out rooms, so you’ll need a separate device with the Zoom app. In-Person events are hosted at our favorite neighborhood bars and restaurants.

After getting to know each other during five-minute rounds you’ll use our matching technology to privately share whether you think they’re second date material, a new friend, or a business connection. The next day you’ll receive the contact info of anyone you matched with.

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