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What we’re about

We are the Bay Area Commodore Collective! A San Francisco Bay Area Commodore game night group for Commodore fans new and old!  We mostly showcase 8-bit Commodore machines , but also have Amiga (as well as other 8-bit machines) from time to time!

Join us for pizza, your Commodore stories, projects, and play some of your favorite games! Each meetup will have a selection of machines for you to play around with, as well as our C64 system hooked up to a big screen projector system for tournament-style gaming and other fun stuff. If you've ever owned a Commodore, used a Commodore, or are curious why the Commodore 64 is still one of the most beloved computers of all time, this is the place for you! 

There are no membership fees and joining the group is free. There is a cover charge to attend our game nights meetups to help cover venue costs and food (pizza and drinks).

Follow us on Twitter as well @sfcommodoreclub