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Come join us for seven great talks and demos on Polymer. This special event will be live streamed live on YouTube and recorded. You can ask and vote for questions at .

Talk #1: The Web Components Revolution is Here (Eric Bidelman)

Let's stop treating the DOM as one gigantic pile of everything. Web components solve a number of shortcomings in web development. Let's talk about architectural concepts and begin to think about how to componentize the web. To understand Polymer, you need to understand web components.

Eric Bidelman (@ebidel ( is a Staff Developer Programs Engineer on the Google Chrome team. His current passion is web components and Polymer ( Eric is the author of Using the HTML5 Filesystem API and regularly contributes to ( and other open source projects.

Talk #2: Introduction to Polymer: Creating Declarative, Reusable Components (Matthew McNulty)

Polymer's declarative syntax makes it simpler to define custom elements. Features like two-way data binding, declarative event handlers, property observation, and gesture support help you build powerful, reusable elements.

Matthew McNulty (@mattsmcnulty ( leads the Polymer team at Chrome. Prior to joining Google, he was responsible for the Enyo framework, Ares development environment, and SDK at webOS (HP/Palm).

Talk #3: Polymer/ Web Components Demos (Zeno Rocha, Daniel Buchner, Eugene Oksman & Akhilesh Gupta, and Jan )

Join us for a round of demos from members of the Web Components community.

Demo 1
First, Zeno Rocha, creator of (, will demonstrate some tools that can help you create your own Web Components. He'll also share a new community resource where authors can pass around articles and debate the best practices for building with components.

Zeno Rocha (@zenorocha ( is a front-end engineer at Liferay, co-founder of BrazilJS Foundation, member at Google Developers Expert Program, and host on Zone of Front-enders ( podcast.

Demo 2
Next, Daniel Buchner of Mozilla will demo the latest tools and libraries that the Firefox team uses when they work with Web Components.

Daniel Buchner (@csuwildcat (—formerly at Mozilla—is a creative, technical, Product Manager who is helping to push the web app ecosystem forward. As the creator of the X-Tag library and contributor to Brick (Mozilla's supported set of custom elements), Daniel has worked on the Web Components family of W3 specifications and helps drive the platform implementation process at Mozilla.

Demo 3
Eugene Oksman and Akhilesh Gupta of the Salesforce team will explain how they use Polymer to build mobile web apps in days, instead of months.

Eugene Oksman (@oksman ( and Akhilesh Gupta (@akhileshgupta ( lead the Mobile SDK team at, searching for the best ways to help developers create mobile apps for the enterprise.

Demo 4
In the final talk talk, Jan will show that an important advantage of web components is that they’re immediately useful to anyone who knows how to edit HTML and CSS. This creates a potential audience of people far beyond the open source web developer community, but that audience will require focused education, services, and support. A new startup, Component Kitchen, is creating a site and services to support both those mainstream users, and the component development community that wants to reach those users. Jan will give a short preview of the Component Kitchen site, and highlight how the startup is using components to create the site itself.

Jan Miksovsky (@JanMiksovsky ( is a user experience designer/developer and entrepreneur. He recently founded Component Kitchen, a company focused on helping a wide audience of web professionals build great products easily using web components. Component Kitchen builds on Jan’s extensive work creating and promoting an open source framework for component-based web user interface development. Jan previously co-founded, an online organizer to help busy parents orchestrate the complex logistics of family life, and has blogged extensively on many aspects of the craft of user interface design.

Talk #4: Web Component Mashups at 3 a.m. (Rob Dodson)
Some people like to sleep on the weekends. I like throwing together web apps. In this talk we’ll cover the wild and wooly world of Web Component mashups. Grab a few X-Tag components, mixin some Polymer elements, and invite your friends from You really can build functioning apps before the sun comes up and I’ll show you how to do it.
Rob Dodson (@rob_dodson ( is a Developer Advocate for the Google Chrome team, focusing on Polymer and web components. He is a strong believer in the future of web apps and wants to make developers lives easy. When he’s not at Google, Rob can often be found rambling on his blog at .
5:00 pm Doors open, live set by DJ Rocky Lubbers (!
5:15 pm Meet, eat, and drink (dinner, amazing wine bar)
6:30-6:40 pm Announcements
6:40-7:05 pm Talk 1 (Eric Bidelman)
7:05-7:30 pm Talk 2 (Matthew McNulty)
7:30-7:50 pm Break (Wine, Dessert, Music!)
7:50-7:55 pm Lightning talks
7:55-8:45 pm Talk 3 (Zeno Rocha, Daniel Buchner, Eugene Oksman, Akhilesh Gupta, Jan Miksovsky)
8:45-9:15 pm Talk 4 (Rob Dodson)
9:15-9:30 pm Short Break
9:30-9:50 pm Panel Q&A (All speakers)
9:50-9:59 pm Raffle prizes (including a Chromebook, wine, and more*)
10:00 pm Doors close
* You must be at the venue to qualify for the prizes.
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This event will be recorded. We will post the recordings as soon as they are available, typically within a week after the event. All of our recordings are available at Follow @sfhtml5 ( or visit this page for the announcement. You can ask and vote for questions at .
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