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Progressive Web Apps with Alex Russell, Owen Campbell-Moore, and Nathan Schloss

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Learn about Progressive Web Apps and the Future of Mobile Services from Alex Russell, Owen Campbell-Moore, Nathan Schloss, and Martin Thomson at this exciting SFHTML5 event.

Talk #1 Progressive Web Apps with Alex Russell

Is the status quo of building services and apps for mobile two or three times really sustainable? Wasn't technology supposed to liberate us from this sort of drudgery?

Progressive Web Apps give us a path to a better world that doesn't force us to write our app yet another time. We'll examine why you might build such a thing, what it takes to do it right, and strategies for getting the best mobile experience everywhere, today.

About Alex

Alex Russell (@slightlylate ( is a Software Engineer on Chrome team at Google where he designs new features for the Web Platform and leads Chrome's Standards work. He's a member of ECMA TC39, the committee standardizing JavaScript, and is an elected member of the W3C’s Technical Architecture Group where he works with a group of like-minded reformers to improve the state of API design for the web.

His recent projects include Web Components, ES6 features like Classes and Promises, as well as Service Workers and several forthcoming Web Platform features.

Talk #2 Push Notifications with Owen Campbell-Moore and Nathan Schloss

In this short joint talk, Owen and Nathan will talk about Push Notifications with Progressive Web Apps and how Facebook Implemented them.

About Owen

Owen Campbell-Moore (@owencm ( is a product manager on Google's Chrome team, focusing on Progressive Web Apps and new powerful web APIs such as the Push API.

About Nathan

Nathan Schloss (@n8Schloss) is a software engineer at Facebook. Lately he has focused on using service workers to enhance the experience on web, most recently launching browser push. Nathan also leads Facebook’s browser partnerships and engagement effort.


The next generation of web APIs will require that you serve your site over HTTPS. But HTTPS sux. It's slow, costly, and requires constant attention. This talk will explain how these shortcomings are each legitimate in their way and share some of the upcoming changes that will end most of the gripes people have with HTTPS.

About Martin

Martin Thomson is an engineer at Mozilla. When he is not maintaining the TLS stack used by Firefox, he works on open standards in both the IETF and W3C. His recent work includes HTTP/2 and Web Push, and he is a core contributor to WebRTC, TLS, and HTTP. His current focus is the performance and security of these important protocols. Martin was recently appointed to the Internet Architecture Board ( .

Event details

Note: Price: $10 online, $15 at the door. No refunds. No ticket transfers.

We charge this small fee to help reduce no-shows. Please contact the organizers (sfhtml5 at gmail) if this is a financial hardship for you.


5:00 PM Doors open, eat and drink (food and drinks catered by Google; limited veg/GF options available; cocktail service by Alcademics and wine tasting by Grant & Marie Winery)

Note: The event is on the 7th floor.

6:30-6:40 PM SFHTML5 Announcements

6:40-7:40 PM Progressive Web Apps with Alex Russell

7:40-8:10 PM Break, networking, dessert

8:10-8:20 PM Lighting Talks *

8:10-8:12 PM Web Component library Vaadin Elements with Marcus Hellberg

8:20-8:45 PM Push Notifications with Owen Campbell-Moore and Nathan Schloss

8:45-9:10 PM HTTPS SUX

9:10-9:30 PM Q&A with Alex, Owen, Nathan, and Martin

9:30-9:40 PM Raffle **

9:40 PM Room cleared

* Contact the Organizers if you'd like to give a lightning talk.

** You must be present at the venue to qualify for raffle prizes.


- There is bicycle parking in the garage below the building, but you must bring your own lock and leave your bicycle at your own risk.
- There is also street and garage parking. Check all signs for restrictions and fees.
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- Childcare is available. Contact the organizers for more information.

Wine Tasting by Grant Marie Winery (

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