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Viewports with PPK

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Peter L. and Vanessa W.


Please read the important notes about our venue at the end of this post.

Update: Adobe have decided to waive the NDA for this event.


We're extremely fortunate to host internationally-known mobile guru Peter Paul Koch (@ppk (!/ppk)) join us from Amsterdam.

About the Talk

A pixel is not a pixel.

Viewports are pretty easy on desktop: they're the browser window. Thus, an element with width: 10% will span 10% of the browser window, while width: 100px just means a width of 100px.

On mobile, things are quite different. There are two viewports and three kinds of pixels, and they interact in all kinds of weird ways—ways that depend on the browser.

In this technical presentation PPK will explain why a pixel is not a pixel, what the difference between the two viewports is, and which bits web developers should care about.

Caution: Heads may explode!

About the Speaker

Peter-Paul Koch (PPK) is a mobile platform strategist, consultant, and trainer in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. He specializes in HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and browser compatibility.

He has won international renown with his browser compatibility research (, frequently speaks at conferences, has founded Fronteers (, the Dutch association of front-end professionals, and advises mobile and desktop browser vendors on their implementation of Web standards.

In 2009 he shifted from traditional desktop browsers and sites to the mobile web (, and he never looked back. He discovered that mobile devices and browsers are in even more need of description than their desktop counterparts, and set himself to the task. On the Web he is universally known as "ppk."

Currently he has about twenty mobile phones lying around on his desk. The one thing he never does with any of these phones is make a phone call.


6:00-7:00p Register and get your badge. Then, meet, mingle, and munch (Food and drinks sponsored by Kaazing and Marakana)

7-7:10p Welcome Notes and Introduction

7:10p PPK's Talk

8:15-30 Q&A and Prize Giveaways*

8:30p Lightning Talks (2 mins each)

* You must be at the venue to qualify for prizes. Tip: Tweeting #sfhtml5 and checking in may increase your chances of winning a prize.

This event will be recorded but NOT live streamed. Apologies for the inconvenience.

Important Notes about the Venue

Adobe have kindly invited us to their headquarters, but the registration process differs from our other events:

Your Meetup ID must include your first and last name You must bring a valid ID that matches your Meetup ID (with your first and last name) Registrations close 24 hours before the event begins Because we must register each attendee at the door, please be kind to your fellow SFHTML5ers and only RSVP if you know you are coming, and update your RSVP if you find you cannot attend.

Thanks in advance for your cooperation!
Adobe SF Offices
601 Townsend · San Francisco, CA
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