2nd Annual Holiday Party with Raymond Hettinger, live music and more

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On 12/8, come out to celebrate python with like-minded folks at the 2nd Annual Holiday Party! You will:

• learn tips to become a better developer from Raymond Hettinger and other amazing Lightning talk speakers

• talk to amazing python shops in case you or your friends are looking for a change next year

• get a chance to win Oreilly books and a ticket to OSCON or Strata Hadoop World San Jose

• celebrate the amazing community over awesome food, drinks, and music

Please act fast to secure your seat at http://www.bayareapython.com . We have to limit attendees to 350 - kinda crowded (https://www.icloud.com/#iclouddrive) last year. :-)

** If your company would like to get a booth at the event and/or post jobs, please let us know

Proposed agenda

- Lightning talks - Sign up (https://goo.gl/forms/3ave99ldo2xQgHQS2) here to deliver your 5-mins lightning talk

- Tech Talk on Modern Python Dictionary from Raymond Hettinger

Speaker Bio: Raymond Hettinger is the Python core developer responsible for the set implementation and who designed the compact-and-ordered dict implemented in CPython for Python 3.6 and in PyPy for Python 2.7. This talk is important because it is the only public discussion of the state of the art as of Python 3.6. Even experienced Python users are unlikely to know the most recent innovations.

Description: Python's dictionaries are stunningly good. Over the years, many great ideas have combined together to produce the modern implementation in Python 3.6. This fun talk uses pictures and little bits of pure python code to explain all of the key ideas and how they evolved over time. Includes newer features such as key-sharing, compaction, and versioning.Who and Why (Audience):This talk is for all Python programmers. It is designed to be fully understandable for a beginner (it starts from first principles) but to have new information even for Python experts (how key-sharing works, how the compact-ordered patch works, how dict versioning works). At the end of this talk, you can confidently say that you know how modern Python dictionaries work and what it means for your code.

Outline: Beginners will enjoy our starting from scratch with a plain linear search, progressing to chaining, and then open addressing with fill-ratio limits, size doubling, and dummy/tombstone entries. People who already know the basics about how hash tables work will enjoy seeing the "industrial grade" techniques that move beyond toy textbook examples to established practice. These include

1) collision avoidance by using a linear congruential random number generator perturbed by all the bits in the hash value,

2) high-speed match/mismatch checking using stored hash values, and

3) assuming that identity implies equality.

Those who were already experts in how Python's dictionaries used to work will enjoy seeing the latest innovations including key-sharing-dictionaries, compact-and-ordered dicts, and per-instance version numbering.

Additional Speaker Bio: Raymond has also served as a director of the Python Software Foundation, and has mentored many people over the years on their contributions to the python-dev community. He's also well known for his contributions to the Python Cookbook, and shares many pieces of Python wisdom on Twitter. He is a frequent keynote speaker at PyCons all over the world and has received the Distinguished Service Award at PyCon in Montreal 2014 for his exceptional contributions to the python community.

- Music from DJ G-Vision and Nell Maynard and the Ampersands (http://www.nellmaynard.com/)

- Network with developers at Sponsors of SF Python

SF Python events are made possible because of the contributions from distinguished companies that embrace a learning culture and contribute back to the community. We encourage you to get to know these companies and their products in case you or people you know are interested in new opportunities

- Raffle

We are raffling off a Bronze ticket to OSCON OR Strata Hadoop World San Jose (winner's choice) and a bunch of Oreilly books.

- A good time!