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What we’re about

Enhancing the Python community and ecosystems, one developer focused event at a time.

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Started in Nov 2008, SF Python is the largest, longest running community-run meetup in SF Bay Area. Each year, our dedicated team of volunteers produce 20+ developer focused, live events for Pythonistas to connect, learn, share, and grow together.

As a member of our community, you agree to adhere to our code of conduct. Please see our Code of Conduct page for further details.

Why do we put these events up?
We believe there is power in in-person interactions.  We believe in learning, sharing, and helping each other out.  And we have seen the results.  We have heard stories of people getting their problems solved because of the talks and the people they met at our events.  We have witnessed people grow in their career, from receiving their first internship to landing their first speaking gig at conferences.  We have even heard companies migrating to a different platform/technologies after attending our conference.  
We look forward to your joining this awesome community - be it attending our events, giving a talk, donating your venue space, or supporting us financially via sponsorship! 
Hope to see you at some or more of the following events!
2 monthly meetups
- Presentation Night on the 2nd Wednesday of each month features intermediate to advanced level tech talks from Python Software Foundation members, core developers of open-source projects, and local software engineers.  
- Project Night on the 3rd Wednesday of most months offers a chill evening to hack on projects, get questions answered, mentor other devs, or attend a tutorial.  It's usually held at various companies in SF so you get to sample how different companies are using Python.
PyBay, a yearly regional Python Conference

PyBay is the local version of PyCon.  It's a 4-day event in August with 750+ Python devs, 9+ workshops, 60+ talks, expo, happy hour, and a lot more.  
Our annual holiday party
We think you'd agree that if you have been coming to SF Python's events, you have been advancing in your field.  So come celebrate the year with us.  We will listen to more amazing speakers while enjoying great food, drinks and live music.

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