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Project Night at Holberton School
SF Python is bringing one of it's largest Project Night for the year to Holberton School. It's going to be an evening with about ~150 Python devs getting your questions answered, sharing your knowledge, hacking and taking tutorials. We are seeking food sponsors for this event. Please get in touch if you'd like to sponsor: Please register via our ticketing partner tito: Who should attend? =================== • Beginners new to Python who want to work with other Pythonistas • Experienced devs who want to hack on your work, personal or open-source projects. • Experienced devs who want to mentor others • Anyone that's interested in our tutorial offerings The plan: ========= • 6:00p Begin check-in • 6:50p Introductions: tell us about your project and/or the kind of help you seek • 7:00p Make yourself comfortable and start hacking, or attend one of the tutorials • 7:30p Door Close • 9:30p Wrap up / Hard Stop Tutorials offered: ================ 1) Create a Sales Report with Python with Heather Mahan This tutorial will be an introduction to Python and some programming principles in general (control flow, conditionals), but using file parsing and reading CSVs as a jumping off point. Since many people use excel/google sheets in their jobs or personal life, we'll learn how to read a file like this in Python, and also how to use conditionals, control flow, and functions to create a sales report using Python. Attendees will leave this tutorial with 2 Python scripts that showcase how to process CSV data in Python to create useful reports utilizing beginner-level Python syntax and data structures. Heather is an instructor at Hackbright's full-time software engineering program for women in the South Bay. She herself is a Hackbright alumna with a previous career in tech writing and a master's degree from UCSC in linguistics. She is passionate about making tech accessible to all, especially underserved communities. As a developer, she enjoys working at the intersection of art and code to create playful applications, and her areas of expertise lie in web and game development. 2) Constraint Programming in Python with Alan Velasco In this workshop we will learn how to use the Google OR-Tools ( for Constraint Programming in Python, from solving brainteasers and puzzles to how can it be used to solve complex optimization problems. The class targets intermediate attendees with some Python experience and basic knowledge of CS algorithms. Alan Velasco is an Software Engineering Intern at Twitter working with the Open Source Team to empower every developer in his reach. 3) Build your First Neural Net with PyTorch with Ramesh Sampath 1. Understand PyTorch Tensors and doing Matrix operations 2. Get to know the PyTorch Data Loading pipeline 3. Build a Shallow Feed Forward Neural Network with PyTorch that runs on CPU 4. Talk about how PyTorch integrates with PyData eco-systems like Numpy and Scikit-Learn. Ramesh Sampath is an Machine Learning Engineer working with Deep Learning methods to build models from images and text. He uses Python data tools like Numpy, Scikit-Learn, Pandas and prefer PyTorch over Keras / Tensorflow when building deep learning models. CHECK-IN PROCESS ==================== • Doors open at 6:00pm. Please wait outside without blocking the building entrance. Security will check ID and stop admitting guests at 7:30p. This event is produced by SF Python, a volunteers run organization aiming to foster the Python Community in the Bay Area. Check out our flagship event, PyBay2018, 3rd annual regional Python Conference this August! ( Venue is through the generosity of Holberton School, a project-based college alternative for the next generation of software engineers. ( Food and drinks are through the generosity of (Your name here)

Holberton School

972 Mission Street, 2nd floor · San Francisco, ca

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SF Python is your opportunity to grow your technical career by learning and sharing what you know with other local Python developers!

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Organized by a handful of volunteers with the help of some faithful sponsors and your generous donations, we host about 20 events a year:

2 monthly meetups (

- Presentation Night on the 2nd Wednesday of each month features intermediate to advanced level tech talks from Python Software Foundation members, core developers of open-source projects, and local software engineers.

- Project Night on the 3rd Wednesday of most months offers a chill evening to hack on projects, get questions answered, mentor other devs, or attend a tutorial. It's usually held at various companies in SF so you get to sample how different companies are using Python.

.PyBay, a yearly regional Python Conference (

PyBay is the local version of PyCon. You can save on travel costs and still have an experience of the conference that serious python developers aspire to attend. PyBay is a 3-day weekend conference in August featuring 40 talks and 400+ attendees.

An annual holiday party (

We think you'd agree that if you have been coming to SF Python's events, you have been advancing in your field. So come celebrate the year with us. We will listen to more amazing speakers while enjoying great food and drinks. Who knows, if we continue to get lucky, we will have more amazing entertainers to help us celebrate the year.

Why do we put these events up?

We believe there is power in in-person interactions. We believe in learning, sharing, and helping each other out. And we have seen the results. We have heard stories of people getting their problems solved because of the talks and the people they met at our events. We have witnessed people grow in their career, from receiving their first internship to landing their first speaking gig at conferences. We have even heard companies migrating to a different platform/technologies after attending our conference.

We look forward to your joining this awesome community - be it attending our events, giving a talk (, being a sponsor or supporting us financially!

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