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San Francisco Python Meetup Group
San Francisco Python Meetup Group
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On Wed, Feb 12, join ~180 devs at SF Python’s presentation night.

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Our generous sponsor Yelp will provide pizza and drinks.


Lightning talks
Enabling Fastai Multi-GPU/DDP Training in Jupyter Notebook - Phillip Chu
Python's best AI package - Cameron Smith
Unittest AsyncMock - Pranay Suresh

Short talk(10 mins+Q&A)
In-Database Machine Learning w PostgreSQL - Nitin Borwankar

Machine learning pipelines involve multiple transformation steps very often involving cleaning and moving massive amounts of data. In-database ML is a single stack ML approach where all pipeline steps happen inside the database, minimizing massive data movement.

This talk describes how this process works with description of architecture, internals and live demo with well known data sets. We also touch upon additional Postgres features that support a NoETL paradigm, reducing end to end time and resources even further.


Nitin Borwankar has been a user of Python since the days of Zope and has played almost every role in the software development lifecycle over 25 years from QA Engineer, to App developer, Database Architect, Product Manager, Engineering Manager and Data Scientist. He is a founder and CTO of Numericc.

Main talk (25 mins+Q&A)
Removing Unfair Bias in Machine Learning - Upkar Lidder

Extensive evidence has shown that AI can embed human and societal bias and deploy them at scale. And many algorithms are now being reexamined due to illegal bias. So how do you remove bias & discrimination in the machine learning pipeline?

In this talk you'll learn the de-biasing techniques that can be implemented by using the open source toolkit AI Fairness 360. This toolkit is the first solution that brings together the most widely used bias metrics, bias mitigation algorithms, and metric explainers from the top AI fairness researchers across industry & academia. You'll take an introductory look at how bias & discrimination can arise within modern machine learning techniques and the methods that can be implemented to tackle those challenges. Learn how to evaluate the metrics using the open-source AI Fairness 360 Toolkit to check for fairness and mitigate machine learning model bias.


Upkar Lidder is a Full Stack Developer and Data Wrangler at IBM with a decade of development experience in a variety of roles. He can be seen speaking at various conferences and participating in local tech groups and meetups. He is currently curious about magic behind Machine Learning and Deep Learning. Upkar went to graduate school in Canada and currently resides in the United States.

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6:00p - Check-in and mingle, with food provided by Yelp!
7:05p - Welcome
7:30p - Door close
7:10p - Announcements, lightning talks and main talk
8:30p - Surprise and more mingling
9:00p - Hard stop

SF Python is a volunteers-run organization aiming to foster the Python community and ecosystem in the Bay Area. They produce ~20 events a year and, Python conference in SF in August.

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