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Learn about NLTK, Gevent & ZeroMQ, Blueprint, and Buildout in the next meetup

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For 2 years, we have been bringing you PyCon level speakers and hour long talks. For our meet-up on Wed Sept 14, we will turn the spot light to some of our members and listen to four 20-minutes talk. As usual, come early, mingle with your follow sfpython members and enjoy pizza and drinks from Yelp, our venue sponsor. Talks will begin at 7:10p.

1. Text Processing with NLTK by Jacob Perkins

An introduction to the various ways you can process text using NLTK. Natural language processing techniques covered: sentence tokenization, word tokenization, stemming & lemmatization, part-of-speech tagging, chunking / partial parsing, and text classification.

Jacob is a NLTK contributor and author of "Python Text Processing with NLTK 2.0 Cookbook" and Streamhacker ( He also runs a NLTK demo and API site (, and has created command line NLTK model training scripts ( He is also the Cofounder/CTO of Weotta (, which uses natural language processing techniques to generate itineraries for going out in the city.

2. Gevent and ZeroMQ by Jeff Lindsay

An introduction to both Gevent and ZeroMQ, and using them to build distributed systems.

Jeff Lindsay is a software engineer at Twilio. While not hacking on software, Jeff speaks on the Evented Web, teaches programming, continues to run the legendary SuperHappyDevHouse hackathons, and co-directs Hacker Dojo, the largest hackerspace in the country.

3. Blueprint: configuration management for busy people by Richard Crowley

In this talk we'll discuss the architecture of the Blueprint tools, their use and how they fit into most workflows, their limitations and how users address them, and some of the tools being built on top of Blueprint to manage many servers at once on EC2 and beyond.

Richard is the founder of DevStructure, working to build operations automation tools for developers and small teams. He's somewhat of a polyglot, working frequently in C, Go, Puppet, Python, Ruby, and shell. Previously he worked at OpenDNS giving users stats on 20+ billion DNS requests each day. Prior to OpenDNS, he worked on the open-source Flickr Uploadr and attended Washington University in Saint Louis.

4. Managing Dependencies, Packaging and Deploying python code using Buildout by Martin Cozzi

In this talk, I'd like to go over the different problems that we and other companies encounter with their python codebase, and explain how Buildout helped us build a much stronger codebase, with less code duplication, and a very simple way to manage dependencies. I'd also like to explain how we deploy our buildout packages to our AWS instances.

Martin Cozzi is a Software Engineer at and with buildout, we improved the speed of the deploying process ( < 5 minutes), and reduce it's complexity across our production services. Before working at Formspring, Martin worked at Google. First in IT, and then in the Site Reliability Engineering dept.

Questions? Suggestions? Feel free to ping me