SF Python Presentation Night - Interpreting and understanding DSLs and ML models

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On 13 March 2019, join ~180 devs at SF Python's presentation night and learn more about “Interpreting and understanding DSLs, Machine Learning, and lots more!”

Please register on Tito: https://ti.to/sf-python/march-2019-presentation-night

If you'd like to give a lightning talk at this meetup or present at future meetups, please submit your talk ideas at https://bit.ly/sfpythoncfp

Our generous sponsor Checkr will also provide pizza and drinks for this evening.


# Lightning talks
- Math Adventures with Python
- Introduction to Serverless
- Using Python to build Slack-bots at CMB
- Could Be You!

# Short Talk (~15 mins)
Explainable Machine Learning

As machine learning applications become more specialized, the models become increasingly opaque and harder to interpret. The ability to interpret “black-box” non-linear models is critical in certain fields such as finance, healthcare and self-driving technology. At Flowcast, we partner with several banks and leverage their proprietary data to build credit-risk models using machine learning which help unlock capital for small to medium businesses (SMB).

Come and learn how to interpret black-box non-linear machine learning algorithms at the prediction level using Python and Jupyter Notebook.

This talk will be also given at Strata EU (London UK).

### Speaker Bio
Eitan Anzenberg leads the data science team to execute on the development and productization of Flowcast’s AI platform. Etian has over 7+ years of experience in Data Science with a background in machine learning, applied statistics, modeling and engineering.

## Main Talk (~25 mins)
Parsing a medieval heraldic DSL (PyCon 2019 exclusive!)

Medieval European feudal families had a coat of arms for each family name. The cost of arms were generated from formulas called Blazons that were written in a medieval Domain Specific Language - the language of heraldry, which reads like a stilted lovechild of English and Latin. This is a language with a specific syntax, keywords, variables and recursion.
I am writing a parser for this medieval DSL that can automatically generate coat of arm images. I’ll explore how a parser works, the types available, and how to write an interpreter for a DSL in Python. My goal is to be able to parse a blazon into an ast and generate a coat of arms image from it.

### Speaker Bio
Chris Beacham aka Lady Red is a python backend developer, artist and maker, and is a member of Noisebridge Hackerspace

6:00p - Check-in and mingle, with food provided by our generous sponsor!

7:05p - Welcome

7:30p - Door close

7:10p - Announcements, lightning talks and main talk

8:15p - More mingling

9:30p - Hard stop

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