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Organized by Regina Walton (https://twitter.com/@reginawalton) and founded in 2006, SFTech4Good is a monthly meetup with events in San Francisco. SFTech4Good gathers to explore how tech and people in tech can use their skills for social impact - and how social good organizations can more effectively use tech.

Participants, attendees, and speakers come from a variety of organization types and diverse disciplinary backgrounds, including social entrepreneurs, large organizations, B corps, nonprofits, angel investors, institutional funders, company founders, computer programmers, technologists, marketers, designers, writers, media makers, and more.

Initially called SFNetSquared, SFTech4Good was the first of a global network of grassroots-organized communities sponsored called NetSquared (http://netsquared.org/) by TechSoup.org (http://www.techsoup.org/)across North America, South America, Asia, Australia and Africa, all exploring social tech tools for social impact.

To see what's going on, SFTech4Good's latest newsletters (http://bit.ly/2prCb7v) and incredible sponsors (https://www.meetup.com/sfnetsquared/sponsors/) can help you get a feel for this community. Also, learn more about the worldwide groups here: http://netsquared.org/

Get social with SFTech4Good at these links, and when you're at an event, share using the #SFN2 hashtag (https://twitter.com/search?f=realtime&q=%23SFN2&src=typd):

Facebook (http://on.fb.me/ugbFSy)

Twitter (https://twitter.com/sftech4good)

Storify (http://storify.com/SFTech4Good/)

YouTube (http://bit.ly/rzp1AK)

If you're having an event or news to share, fill out this form (https://www.sftech4good.com/contact/) by the 5th of the month, to get in the monthly newsletter for the next month. The newsletter goes out mid-month. As this is a large group, one-off announcements are limited to the occasional paid sponsor messages that help cover costs.

IMPORTANT: This is a community of individuals. Please join with your real name, a picture of yourself, and answer the questions. No handles and no orgs, with the exception of our sponsors and partners. Thank you for your understanding.

* In 2013, SFNetsquared merged with the local 501 Tech Club (http://www.nten.org/community/501-tech-clubs/) which was sponsored by NTEN (http://www.nten.org/). We renamed the group "SFTech4Good" and had two great non-profit organizations as sponsors. As of August 2017, however, SFTech4Good is no longer sponsored by NTEN. However, please thank them for their support from 2013 to 2017!

** Miss you Katharine Bierce (https://twitter.com/@kbierce)! Thanks so much for your help organizing SFTech4Good.

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End Poverty. Make Trillions: Road Tour Discussion

Online event

Join me and Darryl Finkton Jr., founder of End Poverty. Make Trillions (EPMT), when he and I talk about their UBI@FGG 2021 tour.

The tour started earlier this year in Watts, CA, and ended in Clevland, OH. The purpose was to discuss universal basic income (UBI) set to the US federal poverty guidelines (FPG) with the people who'd be directly impacted by it.

EPMT is singularly focused on eradicating poverty by providing every American household with a universal basic income set equal to the federal poverty guidelines. Rather than costing trillions of dollars, the program costs less than $200 billion by utilizing a negative tax: taxing back the UBI@FPG for those currently well above the poverty line.

Please join this discussion about their tour and get a sneak peek into what EPMT is up to now that the tour has wrapped.

For anyone looking for more ways to learn more and get involved, please explore the links below for more info!

Event Agenda:

- Virtual Doors Open at 5 pm
- Conversation starts at 5:05 - 15 minutes
- Intro and Screening of Video 1: 10 minutes
- Intro and Screening of Video 2: 10 minutes
- Intro and Screening of Video 3: 10 minutes
- Q&A and Feedback: 30 minutes
- EPMT Call to Action: 10 minutes
- Virtual Doors Close

Relevant sites:

End Poverty. Make Trillions (EPMT) website: https://www.endpovertymaketrillions.com
EPMT UBI@FGG 2021 tour: https://www.endpovertymaketrillions.com/the-tour-2021
Darryl Finkton Jr's LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/endpovertymaketrillions/

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