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What we’re about

Women often drink in different ways and for different reasons than men. Our bodies metabolize it differently, also. So, it makes sense that what truly supports us to recover may be quite different than what men need.

This group is tailor-made with evidence-based perspectives and tools that have been demonstrated to really work for us! It's not to take the place of any program you may already be connected with, but be a complement for additional reinforcement.

From empowering life-giving affirmations to nutritional information to sharing our challenges, to guided visualizations to creating the life we've always wanted and deserved, our evenings will be powerful times for healing, learning, self-nurture and creativity.

I'm looking forward to sharing the tools and resources that I have discovered on my own journey, as well as the tools I have been trained to offer as a Certified SMART Recovery Facilitator and in the cutting-edge Alcohol Freedom with Hypnotherapy Program.

Explanation of the $15 fee- the fee will be used to help cover the room rental, Meetup dues, and copying of the handouts with take-home resources. Each participant will also be given a 3-hole notebook with an introduction to the group and the guidelines, that the weekly handouts can be added to.

My private client sessions are $125/hour, so this is very affordable way to experience and learn. Each session will give you take-home exercises, techniques and info to support your moving into freedom and empowerment. After the topic presentation for the evening and some time for sharing, I will be leading you through a hypnotic visualization where you will have the opportunity to create the New You!

Donations are accepted from those who find the $15 challenging.

If you have any questions, please email me at For more info about me, you can go to my general website-Technologies of the Self or my Facebook page-Victoria Bresee-Technologies of the Self.

For tips and resources particular to women in recovery, check out my website-She's on the Way Back and my Facebook page- She's on the Way Back.

Hope you'll join us!