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Shut Up & Write!™ is more than a movement, more than a good idea. We’re a method of writing that delivers. As an international organization, we are thousands of writers in a worldwide community, but most importantly, we are writers who write together in a local cafe. Join us.

We have events every week, all over. Sometimes we talk after. Whatever you’re writing, whatever form it takes, wherever you are in your process, you won’t be the only one.

And if you need help with your writing, we offer that too.
Want to know more? Check us out: www.shutupwrite.com. Or get in touch: questions@shutupwrite.com.

Meetup Event Format
It is an empowering and rewarding experience to write an hour each week, at the same time and place. It serves as powerful support for building your daily writing discipline.

RSVP and please arrive 10–15 minutes early to get settled. At the Meetup our Organizer will lead introductions and then everyone will sit down and write.

Afterwards, feel free to get to know each other. Members often talk about their successes and challenges as writers. The Shut Up & Write!™ format brings a social facet to a normally isolated craft.

Our Meetups are a safe space for writers to work on their craft. No one will read or critique your writing.

“Writing is the only thing that, when I do it, I don't feel I should be doing something else.“ - Gloria Steinem

This is your time to write.

Upcoming events (5+)

Shut Up and Write (w/ Writers On the Air) for Open Mic

This is a new weekly Shut Up and Write writing event for those who want to read at open mic venues, whether poetry, stories, music, spoken word. Usually there is a time restriction at open mics so this venue will focus on preparing an open mic length (usually 5-7 minutes) piece or performance. At the end of each writing session there will be a short, positive critique upon request. For those who just want to write for one hour, this venue is for you too. So come and join us.

Shut Up & Write!™ Morning Session - Elk Grove

DON'T MISS OUT! BE SURE TO CHECK THE "DISCUSSIONS" TAB JUST UNDER THE "SHUT UP & WRITE!" BANNER ABOVE FOR ANNOUNCEMENTS OF OTHER WRITING-RELATED EVENTS IN THE AREA. You will see progress in your writing by spending the minimum of a single hour per week on it. This is your practice/focus time, so we hope to see you there. Join other writers for an hour of focused writing! 10:00 - Arrival and getting seats, drinks, etc. 10:10 - Quick introductions and start writing 11:20 (Approx.) - Finish up and have a brief check-in If you arrive late, please quietly take a seat and begin writing. At the end of the session, make sure you sign in and let the event host know you showed up. PLEASE NOTE: La Bou can be very busy and noisy in the mornings so you may want to consider bringing noise-canceling headphones as well as a sweater/sweatshirt in case the air conditioning proves to be excessive. After the writing session is over, feel free to stay and keep writing and/or getting to know one another. La Bou offers a variety of baked good and other breakfast and lunch items and beverages, including coffee and tea. La Bou management is happy to host our group. Please support their business where possible with food and beverage purchases and tips for staff. If you're spending too much time THINKING about writing, come and join us for a session of focused writing. No one will see what you've written or give you unsolicited advice.

Shut Up & Write!™ - Auburn

Baked and Brewed (Coffee Shop)

Let's get together, sit down, shut up and WRITE. What we do: Meet at Baked and Brewed, sit down - and WRITE. Join other writers for an hour of focused writing! 10:00am - Arrival and getting seats, drinks, etc. and introductions. 10:15am - Write for one hour - get the lead out!!! 11:15am - Wrap up writing (or continue on your own). After 11:15am, feel free to stay and keep writing and/or getting to know one another. Use your creative juices to write!!! Get together with other people to have an hour of focused writing. We have found that given the hour, we tend to dig deep and find the words. What might have been a procrastination, the hour provides the avenue to get the words out!!! Notes: Electrical outlets are not always available, so if you plan to use a laptop, make sure it's fully charged. * Note - If you do sign up, please attend - OR CANCEL IF YOU CAN'T. It's not fair to those who could have attended. ** If there is sufficient demand, we can increase numbers in the future. *** Attendance is free, but please buy coffee, pastries, etc, to make it worthwhile to the proprietor. They have good coffee and great pastries here!

Davis, Tuesday @ Noon

Gena A Barton

We will meet in the Community Room in the center of The Bartlett Commons Apartment Complex, which is located in "The Cannery" development in North Davis. The Front of the building faces a little kiddie play park that is visible from the road, and we will be in building behind it. There are plenty of places to plug in, and a variety of surfaces to write. The space if full accessible, with level paths to the building, and handicapped parking available. There is also lots of street parking in front and back of the building. There are also accessible restrooms. A kitchenette area available. I suggest you bring your own snacks and drinks, and cups or mugs for hot drinks. I will provide a kettle for tea and/or french press coffee if there is a demand. Please clean up after yourself :) Of course ALL WRITERS at ALL LEVELS are welcome. We will start with an (optional) short introduction of yourself and what you are working on. I plan to set the timer at 12:00 and we will "SHUT UP AND WRITE" for 1 hour. There will be about 30 minuets after 1:00 to tidy up, and optional socializing time. IF YOU ARRIVE LATE, no worries! Just quietly walk in and start writing!!

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