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What we’re about

We are a community of Silicon Valley professionals involved in technology who support each other in upgrading our knowledge and skills as well as in developing great connections through our networking.

The following groups of people tend to attend our events:

- Investors, VCs, Seed & Angel Investors 
- Entrepreneurs & Startup Founders 
- Business & Tech Professionals

If you have an interest in the topic, please do not hesitate to join. Thank you.

We do our best to maintain a friendly but intentional environment in our events to foster good and meaningful connections for all who attend and participate.

We host the following types of events:

1.  Educational events to upgrade skills and knowledge.

2.  Educational events to expose new technologies and innovation.

3.  Investor events to help you get introduced to investors.

4.  Networking events to connect with others in the field and potential collaborators or mentors.

5.  Social events to enjoy and connect in surprising and good ways.

6.  And much more!

Please join our group asap.

Atul Padha, Niki Gastinel and Sunil Bhaskaran