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Are you ready to unlock your potential? Take charge of your personal transformation?

This meet-up is hosted by Silva Method, which is a proven Dynamic Meditation and Creative Visualization program to unleash the power of your mind. 

Its easy to learn practical techniques gives you the tools to achieve and sustain personal success, optimal health, happiness, accelerated learning, intuitive development and spiritual well-being. 

Our mission is to awaken people's inherent potential by empowering them with life-changing tools and techniques that result in positive and lasting change for themselves and those around them. 

Our purpose to reach as many people as we can and offer them the skills they need to solve challenges and create opportunities. 

Ou programs are the first steps you can take  to personal transformation. 


·  Gaining accurate guidance to make important life decisions

·   Mastering stress, Deal with stress effectively and experience total relaxation through alpha and theta level meditation 

·  Managing and chnaging the habits that no longer serve us

·  Sleeping without the use of drugs and waking fully rested

·  Creating richer connections in your relationships

·  Improving your memory

·  Managing and transforming pain

·  Expanding your learning capacity

·  Activating the power in your mind to manifest goals

·  Tapping into a limitless storehouse of information in your mind

·  Getting a “gut feeling” or a vivid plan of action that rockets you towards your business and career goals

·  Gain strong and accurate guidance to make important life decisions, i.e. marriage, career changes, investments, etc.

·  Use higher intelligence to create instant and lasting improvements to your relationships

·  Dramatically enhance your learning capacity by freely channeling a limitless sea of information into your mind 

Come along to a free workshop and find out more about this amazing technique.

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