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What we’re about

Singapore~Japan Befriender– free language and culture exchange

We are a group of Singaporean befrienders of Japanese people living in Singapore. We have a great English cum Mandarin conversational language program which includes opportunities for you to learn and use English and Mandarin. Speaking, listening and reading skills are emphasized. We will be using stories from the Bible, songs, games and movies to make each lesson more meaningful and fun. We like to welcome all Japanese people staying or living in Singapore to join us!! : )


These  classes for all levels (elementary, intermediate and advance) are provided free of charge every Sunday from 2pm to 4 pm.

日曜日(午後2時~4時まで)―初級、中級、アドバンスド・ビジネス クラスクラスがあります。受講料:無料です

Venue : To be advised for each meeting


シンガポールと日本との友好関係者達・ フリーの言語と文化交流