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What we’re about

• like learning things, going to museums and science lectures

• know that Han shot first

• think you should be able to level up in real life

• think Fox were idiots for cancelling Firefly

• wish George R.R. Martin would just finish the books

this Meetup is for you. You are welcome if you've just discovered your first geeky or interest if you’ve been a massive nerd your entire life. We’re for gamers, knowledge buffs, roleplayers, sci-fi and fantasy fanatics, comic fans and any other flavour of geek or nerd.

• RSVP "yes" only when you're sure they can show

• Be nice to your fellow geeks and nerds. If you’re not, the organisers will disallow you.

• Organisers are not responsible for any personal risk anyone might take while attending an event. Use your common sense, be safe.