Test Your Spice Tolerance with Spicy Mala Pot by Green on Earth!

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2 Phoenix Rd, Singapore 668156 (Phoenix Estate) · Singapore

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The restaurant is just opposite Phoenix LRT Station, just find us in the restaurant

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• What we'll do
Hey all!
Last year we had our meetup here at Green on Earth (GoE) restaurant in Phoenix Heights, and based on feedbacks given by the people who had attended the event, their Signature Mala Xiang Guo proves to be a popular musthave! What's Mala Xiang Guo?
It is a heavily spiced dish with an assortment of vegetables and mushrooms.
The 麻 'ma' (Numbness) derives from the Sichuan peppercorn used.
辣 'la' (spiciness) comes from the dried chillies. GoE uses Birds' Eye Chilli for spice level above Medium.

At GoE, you get to choose your mala pot ingredients and the spice level you desire to challenge with. They are also a vegan eatery except for drinks like kopi and teh.

Spice Levels:
小辣 (Xiao La) - Smallest spice level.
小中辣 (Xiao Zhong La) - Level 2 Spice
中辣 (Zhong La) - Level 3. If you don't normally eat spicy food, this level can already induced tears from your eyes.
中大辣 (Zhong La) - Level 4. Tears will flow!
大辣 (Da La) - Prepare to spend your Saturday in the bathroom because this will not sit well in your stomach.
大二辣 (Da Er La) - 1 scoop of Birds' Eye Chilli
大三辣 (Da San La) - 2 scoops of Birds Eye Chilli
魔鬼辣 - (Mo Gui La, literally mean Devil's Spice) - The hottest Mala Xiang Guo you'll ever tried and experience! Topped generously with fresh, hot and spicy Birds' Eye Chilli and Dried Chillies.

If you can't eat spicy food and just wanna join us for dinner, GoE also makes spice-free Mala pot and other amazing mouth watering dishes.

So, are you up for the challenge? Join us!

• What to bring
They provide vegan-friendly beverage options. Feel free to bring your own water.

• Important to know
PLEASE TRY AT YOUR OWN RISK. The staff at Green on Earth only recommend the hottest level of spice to those we are willing to take the risk and believe they can take the spice.

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