What we're about

We are all looking for something. Something which holds a power, that when we get it, we shall know it by our transformation, fiery passion, freedom, clear purpose, and even to self-realisation. No matter what is the form, we want the promising harmony described by Marcus Aurelius, “He who lives in harmony with himself lives in harmony with the universe.”

But... Can we achieve it?

Theosophy says YES! Through studying the True nature of man, exploring the different dimensions which makes our world, the laws of Nature which governs Life & Universe, establishing practical methods of self-healing, meditations, to the esoteric realms of Ancient Mysteries which are cloaked in parables in many religions etc.
We offer a takeaway not of speculative philosophy but a definite body of knowledge, both analytical with science & thinking, reasoned with spirituality & intuition.

Whether you are approaching Life from whichever path--a thinker & seeker questioning & wondering Life & its mysteries; a healer who would like to extend your helping hand deeper; a scientist endeavoring to comprehend inner reality of phenomenon; to enrich your spiritual &/or religious life; for a guiding post for your spiritual awakening...

We have activities all year round including lectures, workshops, youth group meetings, excursion trips etc, with some exclusive to Theosophical Members only. All meetup events are opened to public & free (unless otherwise stated). If you found one which resonates, do visit us!

Hope to see you soon~


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