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We are a group who wants to expand, but not to the point , that it becomes so big,  that it becomes less personal.   We meet about 3-4  times  per week.   We are all single, however,  there are some couples who have met during the course of this club's existence. Yes, we are all  39 and over, and we are all "holding".  We are Baby Boomers and most of us are closer to 55-65.  We are mostly from the West Valley but certainly not limited to those areas.
We do pool shooting, movies, dinners, karaoke, baseball games, trivia, concerts, and dancing, just to name a few activities.  This group randomly does some volunteering, and philanthropic projects, as well.  These Meet-ups are all on a volunteer basis, and  none are mandatory to participate in. We also have house parties, and usually they are potlucks and BYOBeverage affairs. These house parties are for Established members only.  In order to become Established, you must have attended 2 Meet-ups and met an Organizer or the host of the party in person, prior to the event.  Due to the ways of the world,  then and only then, is a new member invited into private  homes.

We collect monies for dues, birthday party expenses, etc., by passing a piggy bank around once in awhile, and each person donates a dollar or more. 
We are a real down to earth bunch, and pride ourselves in being friendly, and welcoming.   We keep the group smaller by removing members who have ABSOLUTELY no activity for 9 months or more. You can rejoin at anytime if it seems we are a group for you after all. Matchmaking is not our main goal, however it is not discouraged.
The 39 and Holding Club frowns of those people who join the group for personal gain.  This website is not to be used as an agenda for that.  You will be removed from the group if we deem that to be the case.

You can also be removed from the group, or regularly scheduled repeat events with 3 no-shows.

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